The OverSTUFFED Turkey

Ok…I’m not REALLY an overstuffed turkey because I didn’t eat as much as I anticipated. #iLOVEfood.
For the 4th or 5th year, I ran before the feast began! I decided against an “organized” Turkey Trot this year, mainly because I have a 5k on Saturday.

IMG_4801.JPG (Source: UltraFit FB page. THANKS!!)

I was able to catch up with my ORIGINAL running buddy, Megan. We both have been super busy, so it was nice to catch up over some miles. I have a 4 mile loop about 10 minutes from my house. Honestly, it was odd running at home because most of my time is spend in another county, about 45 minutes from home. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect…a brisk 45 degrees. For us Floridians, that’s FREAKING COLD!! Once we started, you forget it’s cold.

IMG_4837.JPG(Source: Nike+ Running App)

IMG_4809.JPG(Source: Nike+ Running App)

The run was GOOD and it was my first long run in a while. I needed that because I’m going to “run” this 10k. #GODhelpme
My shin bothered me a little towards the end, but as it did before, i increased my mileage and I need new shoes! I have my compression stockings on for recovery. Quite possibly, I might run in them tomorrow….


I was hungry when I came home and I did eat, but I believe you start to THINK more and make better choices, when you workout before. I mean, who wants to waste those hard earned calories that you just burned, huh??? So, I ate, but within reason…which mean I didn’t feel like a STUFFED TURKEY!!! I used to have bad habits of eating like someone was going to steal it from me!! Shoveling it all in, with no attention to what I was doing to myself. 😝. I don’t do that any more; I eat until I’m full but NOT overstuffed and uncomfortable. Lessons learned…..

My POST Turkey Day activity included a visit to my CF box, UltraFit. It wasn’t extremely early (8:30 am) but it was still extremely cold again this morning (43 degrees)!!!

(Source: UltraFit FB page. Thanks again!!)

IMG_4829.PNGDidn’t take long for the WARMTH to make it to the party! 😉
This was a good WOD, but I felt “pukey” afterwards. All those “movement” movements did a number on my stomach. Fortunately, no incidents on the way home.

Now, I’m relaxed and processing the next step on the agenda. I have my tablet decorated for Christmas, my stockings are hung, and I’m waiting for the tree! This is a HUGE deal, because I NEVER do anything early!! I’m going to try it on….see if it sticks!!

What’s on your POST Turkey Day agenda today?

Did you get a work out in BEFORE and AFTER the food???

PS…PRAY my left shin holds up for tomorrow’s race! I can’t STAND the thought of taking a break AGAIN!! Ugh….

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