Oops….I did it AGAIN!!!

You know that you were thinking AND singing of the Britney Spears song, don’t lie!!! 😉

WHAT did I do again this time, you ask? I signed up for another race,but this time it’s not my normal 5k…..I am venturing into the Land of 10k!!!! That’s right folks…. I’m going to try the FEARED 6.2 mile run.

How do I feel about this adventure??
Let’s see….
To put it plainly….. I’m scared! I’ve never run more than 5 miles in my life (at one single time), so what on God’s green earth makes me think I can run 6.2 miles?? To say that I’m “bored” with the 5k distance, makes me sound like an up obnoxious runner!! (OMG….did I just refer to myself as a “RUNNER”???). To say that I’m “bored” with the 5k, makes me sound like I’m KILLING my 5k times (and I’m NOT!). But I am being honest with myself and knowing that I am settling into the 5k distance because it’s comfortable. It’s where I fell in LOVE with with running. At this point in time, is not going to continue to challenge me to become a BETTER runner, though. I think my body is accustomed to running 3 miles (is that even POSSIBLE???) and I don’t PUSH myself. It isn’t allowing me to burn calories as effectively as I should because I’m not MAKING myself leap out of the comfort zone! What better way to shake up your metabolism than increase your mileage??

So…there you have it!! All signed up and ready to go…..DIE! Oh….Remember my friend Sam that did the triathlon with me??? Yeah…. I dragged through into this too!!! I’m totally sure she’s going to unfriend me SOON, both in real life and on Facebook!

To put it plainly…I’m excited!! I’m excited at the prospect of trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone. I reminding myself that I am only in competition with myself. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have to prove it to myself that I have the COURAGE to do this and to finish with grace. (SN: I won’t lie that I have a SELF IMPOSED time limit for this race, as I have to be to my son’s basketball game that morning as well!! No pressure, Angie!!! 😉). What better way to CRUSH that comfort zone than (to copy Nike) to “Just Do It??” (Thanks, Nike!!!)

Wish me luck, as I MENTALLY prepare over the next two weeks for this race. I’m just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the pace!!

How do you FEEL before something new??

2 thoughts on “Oops….I did it AGAIN!!!

  1. Anthony Wade says:

    lol I did.
    I’ve never ran a 5k, but I’ve always wanted to. I know I’m out of shape, and honestly, It would be embarrassing. But it would still be fun. I do plan on finding one early next year


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