Weekend Recap…..

I finished off my holiday with a run on Saturday. I really enjoy this holiday season because when I’m not working, I’m working OUT! If you remember, I did run on Turkey Day morning.
MY Black Friday was at the gym for a great WOD.

IMG_4829.PNGNow..it was listed at a “Do 1 round, Get 1 Free“. Well…that SOLD me! However, I misinterpreted the whole BOGO title of the WOD because I thought do 1 round and you are SPARED the additional round. NOT SO MUCH…it was DO 1 round and then DO ANOTHER! #mycouponEXPIRED
I hate to admit it, but it was needed!

Saturday came and I ran a 5k in Lakeland. It was a “cool” 43 degrees that morning; it’s the weather I LOVE to run in….seriously! It was the Christina 5k, which also benefited the Rudolph Round Up Toy Drive. It was nice to participate and help out someone during this holiday season. Before I dig into the race details, I need to confess…I did the UNSPEAKABLE that morning!! My new vitamins make me thirsty, so I am drinking more water…which leads to more frequent bathroom trips. Saturday morning was no different, but I couldn’t hold it during the run…so I.used.a.PORTA-POTTY!!

IMG_4845-2.JPGI’m on the line, thinking..”I don’t have to go THAT bad!!”..”I don’t really want to do this!!”…”Two kids have left me NO bladder control, so you have NO CHOICE!!”. Let me say, that won’t be happening again! I’ll just run and let IT run!!! 😝😝😝😝

Back to regular programming…
the run was refreshing! It was a nice easy course within the Christina development….

Nice flat course…nice weather….PERFECTO!!!!

This is all in preparation for the 10k in 2 weeks! Eeek!!!😁

How was the rest of YOUR holiday weekend?

What kind of exercise did you get in to get your holiday(s) started???

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