A Post for my Hoodie….

Seems fairly superficial, but I have to tell you about my new hoodie. Right before my last race, I wanted to treat myself to a new “jacket” of some sorts. We’ve had some cooler weather here in Florida, so I wanted to take advantage to have something new! #selfish

I’ve been DROOLING courting THIS Brooks jacket since I saw it on Anne of Fannetastic Food (<——-one of my FAVORITE blogs! I'm gonna meet her one day!! Go check her out!!!). The sad part…it's out of stock at the moment! Boo!!!

I figured my favorite running store, Fitniche would have it and ALL balance would be restored in MY universe!! I didn’t even really search for it because I became side tracked by THIS beauty….

IMG_4886.JPG(Source – Nike)
All I can say is…Yep….I take everyone you have!! Thaaaaaaaaa-nks!
I went with the gray. The one I have has a different color trim than online…

IMG_4856.JPGI LOVE it!!
The front pocket has a smaller pocket for keys and small items.


But this hoodie not ONLY had me sold at “hoodie”, but had me RUNNING out the door because of……THUMB HOLES!!!!



And BONUS???

IMG_4823.JPGYep…it makes like a mitt, too!!! I can’t STAND how cute and comfortable this is! It is incredibly soft and feels lightweight , and keeps you warm! I picked a “Medium” because I don’t like clingy items, particularly around my problem area…ie GUT!!!

One can’t have TOO many hoodies, can one???

IMG_4832.JPGNO….one can not!!

Any running gear that you would like to get YOUR hands on??

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