Yeah…that just happened!

This morning…this COLD Florida morning I did my first 10k. What do I mean by cold??

IMG_4950.PNGThis is the temperature right NOW but this morning, at race time…41 degrees!!. Nothing like the cold weather to get you moving! My friend, Sam (from our triathlon glory) ran with me. Yeah… I roped her in AGAIN she signed up with me again. 😉

I was EXTREMELY nervous this morning! I’ve never run this far IN.MY.LIFE! Five miles is the most I’ve ever run, so you can see WHY I thought I would die. Like meet my maker TODAY, die!😇 My stomach hurt…my heart was racing….I felt like POO!

The Jingle Bell race was for the Friends of The Winter Haven Library.

IMG_4958.JPG(Sorry for that shot….just as I was shooting the picture, the dude walked right in front of me! 😁).

The proceeds help the library with necessary upgrades, new books, etc. Race time was 7 am and by the time the buzzer buzzed…I was ready and over my “issues” prior to the race. I didn’t get many pictures during the race…well…because I was running. 😉 Seriously though….I haven’t figured out the balance of running and taking pictures to post. #rookie. I want to concentrate on the run because I’m just NOOOOOOOT that good enough yet to just run a race all “willy nilly” and not thinking about it. But I’m working on it…..

It was a great course to run…a bridge was involved (HATE those!) in the middle and of course on the way back. I didn’t psych myself out like I normally tend to do. It was a fun race because many were dressed in their BEST Christmas running gear,socks, hats, you name it!! (Didn’t get any pics of that before the race because it was too darn COLD!!). You know what wasn’t really fun?? The BELLS!! Well, you ask, what would a jingle bell race be without jingle BELLS???

IMG_4959.JPGThis thing was strapped on to every runners sneakers, hats, headbands…WHATEVER. 🎶Do you hear what I hear?? 🎶. Ugh….I really didn’t like the sound of the bells with each heel strike, each passing runner, or each huff and puff. That was my only complaint.

I felt so good, so EMPOWERED after the race. I felt it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t that I “killed” the race, but for the first time in a LONG time, I just ran. Just for the sheer enjoyment of the run! I am feeling like I have checked off another “Want” off of my list….


I am going to be sore, but it’s a different sore…a sore that I welcome because of my accomplishment.
I going to be honest, I have a little crush on 10k now and I am thinking I might have to leave 5k. 10k really makes me HAPPY, so the break up might be inevitable. I’ll always love you 5k, because you were my first, but I feel something I haven’t felt in a long time with 10k….passion for running again.

IMG_4948.JPGSam and I with the “afterglow” of the race. (Do I get one of those “10k” magnets for my car now??)

Even Santa from Legoland (Winter Haven) came to spread his Christmas cheer and congratulate us….


So, in my BEST Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca..”Louis (insert 10k), I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Cue music……


What did you accomplish that you really wanted to today? Or ANY day?

IMG_4945-0.JPG….And some parting thoughts inspired by my GIRL, Wonder Woman!! It’s in us ALL!!

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