Back in the SADDLE!

This past weekend was my/our LAST weekend of indulgence. Miguel and I had a SWEET 16 anniversary on January 9th. We went to dinner at Carrabba’s that evening….INDULGED. I had this GREAT NEW appetizer (well….new to ME!) called “Aranici“…which is Italian for “Little pieces of Heaven” (NOOOO….not really but it sound convincing, right??😉).

2015/01/img_5197.jpgSounds like a pretty good App, huh???

2015/01/img_5180.jpgBOOM…it IS!!!

Saturday, Miguel surprised me with a little weekend get away (SANS kiddos) to Indian Rocks Beach and Clearwater Beach (FL)….MORE INDULGING! We went to our favorite restaurant Columbia (Interested in my experience? Check it out here).

Then….Sunday, we went to our favorite spot for brunch Island Way Grill.


Seems like all I did was eat and give into ALL of my likes! SADLY
Thankfully, that was IT!! The holidays are over….my anniversary is over…time to get BACK IN THE SADDLE! #noEXCUSES

When we got home…I ran some errands and then I RAN. I felt off…”getting” though the run, but I did it.

My body needs exercise. I CAN NOT go that long without it again. I felt like pure CRAP…HOT garbage! But I did it!

It’s Monday today….
I had a cancelled basketball game for Julian (because of weather), so I came home to run on the DREADmill! HATED it…but I did it!! And of felt good!

Tomorrow…I’ll touch in our dietary changes (that is Miguel AND I).

Ever fall off the “saddle”?
How did you get back on???

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