A Different Family Outing….

Having kids sometimes means ENDLESS trips to theme parks (or theme park LIKE places!) I don’t mind them, but sometimes, I just want something else.  My hubby and I, being former band geeks, decided to take them to see the Florida Orchestra.  They perform in many locations in the Tampa Bay Area. We saw them at  The Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg. So, we got dressed up (love THAT!!) and went to get our “culture” ON!

It was a 2 pm show and we had the perfect seats…6  rows away from the orchestra.  I forgot how much I used to LOVE being on stage with our high school Symphonic Band (at Miami Southridge Senior HS…..”Go Spartans!!!”). Little known family band geek facts:

  •  I played the flute, piccolo,oboe, and English horn. I started on the flute in 8th grade and the oboe in 10th grade. I played all the way through HS and loved every second of it.  
  • Hubs was a percussionist- snare drum, tri-toms (3 drums) and quads (4 drums)
  • We both played in our Junior High and Senior High Concert/Symphonic bands AND marching bands.

Back to the orchestra..:the view from our seats was second to none!

Isn’t it nice?? 

What made this performance EXTRA special was they played music from the composer John Williams.  You know…..Star Wars, Super Man, Jaws…?  MOVIE  MUSIC from ALL the biggies! My kids LOVE his music because they listen to one of the CDs of the Boston Pops playing his music!  PLUS….they really enjoy the movies. (They were both born in the WRONG decade, I swear!!!) 

The conductor gave us tidbits of info about John Williams, his music, his accomplishments (nominated over 40 times for an Academy Award and has won 4 times, for example), and future projects (new Star Wars movie score!!! #geek).  

During the intermission, the theme carried through….

EVERYONE gets to take a picture with Chewy and the ultimate villain, Darth Vader, right? 😉

This violinist played the most BEAUTIFUL solo from “Schindler’s List“. (A movie I have yet to see, but definitely still in my list!).  There was also a double solo, clarinet and accordion (believe it or not) called “Viktor’s Tale” from “The Terminal“. AMAZING!!!

My favorite ? (Because I can hear you asking….) “Episode I: The Phantom Menace: IV. Duel of the Fates“.  O.M.G!! That’s all I’m gonna say……..

Oh…the encore piece??? The theme from “Indiana Jones“. How can end the evening any better??? #drjones

The Florida Orchestra plays MANY different shows and their season is chock full of different composers (both classical and contemporary). If you have an opportunity, I highly recommend you see them.

Theses kiddos were happy and it didn’t involve getting on a ride……

Aidan (front) smiles too much and Julian (back) doesn’t smile enough! 


What other activities do you do with your kids that ISN’T a theme park?

What kind of music would you like to hear an orchestra play?

2 thoughts on “A Different Family Outing….

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    That is too cool! I haven’t been to that theatre yet, but it is beautiful!

    The Boy and I would totally enjoy that show- we might have to check it out.

    I played the clarinet from 5th to 10th…and I did not love every minute of it. 😉


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