How YOU doin’????

Well, HELLOOOOOOO Gorgeous! You should know, I usually reserve a greeting of this nature for THIS…..


….but I also greet FRIDAY with same enthusiasm! Had my running stuff in the car, but Mother Nature decided to “Release the KRACKEN” in the form of rain! My GOD was it storming at work! My kids are in school about 15-20 minutes from work. I left work with torrential down pour and was greeted with the same at school pick up. Why does it matter, you ask? That’s the exact location (or town) that I run in before I pick them up. #howboutTHEMapples. Sadly, no run for me today, but that makes Saturday a good day to run. 😃

Hubby and I decided to get a stationery bike and a new DREADmill for our home gym or GARAGE, as we formally call it.  It was delivered last week… 

STILL in the box…..

Yeah…this TOO!!

Fingers crossed, it will be put together this weeeknd! As much as I HATE the DREADmill, it is an option to nothing. Like TODAY would have been a great day to use it!! 

I don’t have basketball this weekend, so Operation “Put Races on the Schedule” will be in full swing this weekend! One of the races I am considering… 

 I’ve had this on my radar since I did my first on in 2010. I think this year is MY year. Of course, I have to check the basketball calendar before I commit!! Ahhh….the life of a basketball mom!!❤️🏀. Hope I can make it work!!! 


What races do you have on the schedule?

Do you LOVE or HATE the DREADmill?

3 thoughts on “How YOU doin’????

  1. Grace says:

    Love it for rehab or when the weather fails to cooperate which in my neck of the woods is often… serves it’s purpose yet I long for those perfect sunny 70 degree days coupled with no injury to prevent me from the joy of running….almost there


  2. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Happy Saturday!!! I have a couple of races I’m considering doing late 2015 that would require traveling. I need to figure out some to do locally.

    I hate the treadmill, but I have learned to love it. I’m not a morning person and late-night runs aren’t always the best option, so the treadmill really saved my marathon training last year. Although! I can only do anything over a mile on the treadmill with a book on my iPad and the font set to large. Hmm…maybe that’s what saved my training! 😉


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