I’m JAZZ’d

**Diclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my OWN and I have NOT been compensated for them.

Yep…I’m sure am!!! Walk with me for just a second… Monday, I go into Walmart before work (like I ALWAYS do!!) to get some fruit and salad fixings.  I get my usually- spring mix, romaine, etc.  I head over to the fruit- I get my Halos (❤️), blueberries (❤️❤️) and go look for apples (❤️❤️❤️).  Sadly, my favorite apples are not there (💔) and now I am looking for a substitute.  I come across an apple that looks similar, so I just grab ONE to try (just in case I HATED IT!!).  

Snack time arrives and I get to this BEAUTIFULLY colored apple- mixed hues of yellow and red. I’m excited.  I take a bite…..and I.am.in.HEAVEN!   

Introducing my new favorite apple….JAZZ !!! #helloBEAUTIFUL

The first bite is leaps and bounds over any other crisp apple I have EVER had.  Did you just hear that?? I took another bite……

See?? I’m work JAZZing!!!

The taste?? How do I do justice with my mere words??? It is the PERFECT combination of tangy and sweet.  It’s like a party going on!!

The smell?? It even smells like it is going to be delicious! So what did I do? 

And they are ALL mine!!!

That’s right! Bought a WHOLE bunch instead of that ONE I bought earlier in the week!  

Where have you BEEN all my life??  According the history, Jazz is cross between a Braeburn and Royal Gala apples developed in New Zealand (Thank you!!!).  This wonderful apple is grown in New Zealand, Chile, France, and the good ol’ US of A in Washington.  (Source: Jazz website)

What else is BEAUTIFUL about Jazz?It’s available YEAR ROUND!! So that means I have found a healthy snack that I can get ANYTIME! Take that my other favorite apples! You KNOW who you are!!!

Where do I get some Jazz in MY life? I’m a FL girl and on every corner there’s a Publix! But you can also find them at Walmart (where I originally found them).  A listing of more stores is available on their website. You can also find recipe ideas, nutritional information, and any other information about Jazz on their site.  

RUN…don’t WALK to the grocery store TODAY and try one! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!! 

I’m feeling JAZZy!!!

Hope you get a chance to try them! Talk to me….let me know if you did and your thoughts.


I don’t care what Three Dog Night sang, because “one ISN’T the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”!! (Still not sure what that means, but I’m going with it!). NINE is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…in a WOD!  (seriously….I can find a song for anything!  #uselessinfo #inTHIShead).   

There’s that whole new respect for the number 9…9 minutes and 9 of each movement!  Doesn’t EVER seem like it’s “that bad” until you are all into it!  #whiteboardLIES. No matter HOW bad you hate it while you are doing other, you’ll NEVER regret getting your ass to the gym!!  I did 6 rounds and 1/3 of the way through the 7th round.  Funny thing…… during this WOD, I went to a lower weight because I’m just starting back.  I figured 12kg kettlebell was sufficient.  I  got caught!! I wasn’t purposely trying to be sneaky (yes I was😉) and the trainer switched the weight while I was doing my push up. #BUSTED. 

Happy CrossFit gal!!

The workout ended with an abdominal Tabata ( 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for a total of 8).  I’m tired…..

In working on getting in the pool next week, as I STILL haven’t gotten off the “pot” and registered for the the May Tri.  I fear I won’t be ready, but I still have a month!! 

How was your day?

Say something NICE!

It should be my new mantra.  My friend, Leandra, thought it would be a good idea to verbalize something you like about yourself, PHYSICALLY.    So much of women’s unhappiness today is because they are unhappy with their PHYSICAL appearance.  (This is strictly my opinion, btw).  We are ALL victims of this self doubt, the lack of self esteem and the self “hate”. We need to be uplifting and have positive attitudes- to ourselves and to other women.  We know these behavior can affect many aspects of our lives and our children.   

What a great way to start changing than to VERBALIZE what we LIKE about ourselves daily (or more frequently; regular basis)??   I LOVE Leandra for suggesting this idea!!!   Easier said than done, huh?  I’m struggling find my good thought for the day! Hey…Rome wasn’t built in a day😉. #workinPROGRESS #underCONSTRUCTION

My run today was a HOT one!  The FL rain did not cool anything down!  And that bridge that I ran over, made me her B**CH!!  

We look like a HOT MESS because its so BLOODY HOT!!

Glad we got that done!  

Just a reminder…… 

 Do something EPIC by being kind to yourself.  Say something NICE…..to you!!

Tell me (and you) something you LIKE about yourself!

While the BOYS play, Mom will too!

It really isn’t as risqué as it sounds!   The “boys”, or Julian’s basketball team had his first practice for the week.  This isn’t new!  As usual, I “played” too, ie did a CF inspired WOD with Leandra, friend and fellow basketball mom.  Monday’s after work exercise sets the tone for the rest of the exercise I will do for the week.  As you may remember, I was a SLACKER this past weekend.  What makes me upset when I do this?  Sometimes I feel like I’m starting from scratch with my runs! I hate that feeling! #nonrunner

 I got it in, and it could have been FASTER, but I did it! I was able to run with my partner, Leslie, which always makes for a great run!!

Basketball practice meant I could utilize the time WISELY and do a CF inspired workout.  Leandra and I did this last week.  I time the rounds, but I have NOTHING to compare it to because I FORGOT to write it down!! #duh.   I think our time improved from last week, but I can’t say with 100% confidence! I will tell you that I worked.my.BUTT.off!  I don’t know if we just feeling good and pushing each other, but I felt that!! It doesn’t look like much, huh? #fooledME

It  ALWAYS feels good after a workout! I never say “Damn, I wish we NEVER did that!!”.  I feel inspired to keep it going for the rest of the week!

Checking my email earlier today, I received a reminder that RunDISNEY Marathon Weekend registration opens….TOMORROW  (Like April 28, tomorrow) at noon!  I’ve always wanted to do one and I know they sell out FAST!!! 

GOTCHA! Get on it!!

 I am interested in the 10k and the perks (and SWAG) that come with this race….CRAZY!!! 


I’m jumping for joy!  Then I scroll down in the registration page.. 

 $110 bucks??? WHOA!!!  Can I afford myself??? I have until tomorrow by noon to make my decision because it goes FAST!!! #SHOULDi #SHOULDNTi 

Hope your Monday was good and you started out your week with some good exercise.

What did you do today?

Ever participate in a Disney race? Is it worth the BIG bucks?? (Of course it is, Angie!!!😉). 

All kinds of intentions

I was FULL of intentions over the weekend! Fully intended on running before taking Aidan to his First Communion retreat this weekend. Yeah….that didn’t happen!   We went on church…. 

Decorating his Chalice

He got to practice what the Host (“bread”) tastes like….  

Mommy…that tastes HORRIBLE!!!

 A FINE parenting moment right here!!! We had a LONG discussion about the importance of NOT making a face after taking communion. If ANY kid is going to do it, it would be HIM!!! 😉

Julian was fishing with hubby and my dad….  

A snook….

He had a great time out on the water!!!

Sunday, I had intentions of getting up before church and running. Yeah…that didn’t happen EITHER!  Man, did I EVER feel like a slacker! But that sleep was TOO good!! And I figured since Julian had basketball practice, I’d run when I got home. Yeah…..it RAINED!  Apparently, it wasn’t in the cards for me to run. I stare at the barrel of Monday, KNOWING I’m going to run today after work! Yeah….this WILL happen!!  I have races that I want to do…gotta get to it!!!

How was your weekend?

When was the last time you had a plan to workout and the idea went BUST?


Pretty much …..


My AH-HA Moment

Mommy, I can’t eat that because it’s gonna make me fat!” were the words that I heard this morning from my youngest son, Aidan. “-–— (fill in the blank) said if I drink too much chocolate milk, I’ll get FAT and I don’t want to get fat!” Ok….that hit me like a TON of bricks! How do you respond to your almost 8 year old with that comment?  Where do I begin? Who do I blame???

I blame society.  Our boys, just like our girls, have this vision of PERFECTION.  And if you don’t fit in the “box”,  then you are fat, right?  The perfect guy is tall, muscular with 12 pack abs, and looks to KILL!  It’s the athletic build of the basketball players that my boys look up to and want to be like.   Of COURSE they want to be like them and question WHY they don’t! This is the  foundation (in my opinion)  of the poor self esteem that can lead to a poor body image.  

I blame peer pressure.  Aidan had 2 “friends” of his that have called him fat, just in the past month.  It’s the GOSPEL if a classmate tells you about yourself, right?  Now…he has this thought in his head, because someone told him so.  The second “block”, continuing to build on that poor self esteem.

But mostly…..

I blame ME.  This is probably the TRUE source of the problem.  I mean, I’m not downing myself every day, but it’s obviously enough for my kids to pick up on it.  When I specifically tell Aidan (or my oldest, Julian) to stop saying those things about himself, he replies “Mommy, you say all the time you are FAT!”. OUCH!!  How did I let that happen?  In my mind, I say those things for self motivation (“C’mon Angie…you gotta move because you’re fat!”… ” OMG…I am so FAT!”…. “Why can’t I be skinny and not FAT??” Etc, etc).  Actually,this is a POOR substitution for any kind of motivation!  No one should EVER say such mean things to anyone, let alone yourself!!!  I won’t go into WHY I have a poor image, because the SOURCE isn’t the problem; it’s the PROBLEM that’s the problem!  And it hurts me to know that my children may start to think the same way about themselves because I have verbalized my own self imposed “inadequacies“.  I should NEVER say those things about myself and certainly not around my kids!  My job is to protect my children not hurt them.  By continuing this verbal assault on MYSELF, I am in fact hurting THEM!

I am a sarcastic, silly person by nature. I laugh at myself every chance I have an opportunity.  Am I still going to find those funny memes about working out and weight and nonsense like that?   YEP!    Am I going to share them with you?  YEP!   Then what have I learned from this morning?? I have to be CAREFUL with the words I choose (and use) and who I choose to say them around.  Fat shaming myself into motivation is my unhealthy way of getting my ass moving.  

My hope with this post is to inspire ALL of us!   We have all consciously made changes in our lifestyles- diet, exercise,etc.   Part of the change is to change our thoughts, which will help change our behaviors.  Wanting to be the best YOU should not include verbally beating yourself up !

With this post, I have become AWARE of what I need to change about myself.  I know that this won’t happen overnight, but I am going to try.  I will remind myself that I am a healthy, active, (soon to be) 43 year old wife and mother of two INCREDIBLE YOUNG MEN.  I am an EXAMPLE to my children, just by living right….#myAHHAmoment


PERFECT just the way they are!!! ❤️❤️

Am I out here by myself? Do you have moments like these?

Thanks for listening!!! ❤️.  

Where else in the WORLD am I?

 I read a lot of blogs and I am ALWAYS inspired!  Thank you for letting me in and sharing in your adventures.  I hope that you receive the same enjoyment and (some) inspiration reading here at Mom, Miles, and Mishaps (3M as I like to call it!).  Suceeding in this thing called LIFE and making it all work, at least for me and my family, is my goal.  I get to have my ups and downs with you all here, so thanks for listening and reading!  I thought it would be nice to share other social sites that you can find me and my shenanigans…..





And of course…you continue to find me here at Worpress.  

Whew, that is 3M OVERLOAD!! You probably don’t want to know THAT much about me, huh?? 😉

Where else can I find you??

Keeping busy…..

I managed a rain FREE run yesterday! But typical FL weather, it was HOT at 5pm; that made me run slower than I normally do, and THAT made me angry! But…I’ve lapped the folks on the couch, right??😉  

 Happy….to be done!!  

Tuesdays, Julian has basketball practice and my friend, Leandra (and fellow basketball mom) keep busy with some exercise while our boys are too!  

Source: Pinterest. I know you thought I modeled for the picture, but it isnt me!!😉

We modified the the squats only because we did some squats the day before.  AND…the jumping jacks…yeah those were modified because ladies like us that have had children….generally and GENUINELY don’t like to jump for reasons that I WON’T explain!! #depends.  I did 3 rounds in 13:34.  And it was a challenge!  If you are ever out of town and need a workout (and don’t have access to a gym) ALWAYS check Pinterest for ideas. Check out my Pinterest Fitness board here.  

This afternoon I’m back at CF for some more torture! Pray for me…..

What are you doing today???

Rainy days and Monday’s 

…well they don’t ALWAYS get me down (like “The Carpenter’s” sang).  I just don’t appreciate them showing up so quickly!!!  Welcome to and Happy Tuesday! It always seems like my weekends are a BLUR because we are busy (still) with basketball.  Julian had a tournament in Altamonte Spring (outside of Orlando,FL).  That means:

  • We overnight out of town as a family
  • Housework is behind
  • Laundry is behind 
  • The feeling of “I’m NEVER going to catch UP!!!!” on a daily basis

I have a PILE of laundry, STARING at me, MOCKING me,WAITING for me to fold and put away! Ugh….

Monday, it was back to reality! My buddy, Leslie, and I met after work for the Monday run.  The forecast called the possibility of rain, but we figured that we could get it in before the REAL Florida rain came down.   

 You SEE how that worked out, huh?  It was a very light sprinkle at the beginning, nothing uncommon in Florida. Somewhere around mile 1, that sprinkle turned into a full out RAIN! And let’s just say…we were NO where near shelter.  What does every runner do in this scenario?? Keep RUNNING!!! #likeaBOSS. Since my phone isn’t waterproof, I shoved in my bra (TMI…I know!) and kept going.   

Thanks, Nike app for continuing to GO in the rain!!!

 Our faces show what PLEASURE we are experiencing with wet clothes! Seriously, I am GLAD that I had a change of clothes because no man or woman should be exposed to the clothes clinging on THIS body!! 😝. I wish I would have pushed through and got that .10 mile in, to get an even 3 miles (that OCD was KICKING in!)  But my feet were SOAKED and heavy and I was uncomfortable with the wet, clingy clothes at that point…so I stopped!  Angie -1/OCD – 0

Off to basketball practice with dry clothes.  PSA: change your undergarments as well or it will look like you peed your pants!! #js

How was your Monday? 

See….what had HAPPENED was….

I sneezed and I thought I saw STARS!  🌟🌟🌟🌟Literal STARS!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟Why you ask?  Two days of back-to-back CF WODs, that’s why! Oh MY!!  Remember, my first WOD back at the gym was rough. The soreness (ie DOMS) had just started up and kicked in by yesterday afternoon.  How fortunate that it was RIGHT BEFORE the WOD!  On with my second day of torture….   

 Doesn’t look that bad, does it? Yeah…RIGHT!!! #whiteboardLIES. Anything that has those count down numbers…”12-9-6-3″, or “15-12-9-6-3” or my ALL time FAVORITE “21-15-9” (like the WOD FRAN!!)…I get nervous! It looks easy until you are only on the second movement on the first set and you think “DAMN!!! I have to do HOW much more of this????”  All I know is respect the countdown WODs because they are a b***h!!!

Right now the only body part that isn’t sore are my fingers! Thank GOD!!! Every other mucscle is fair game!  Hopefully next week, I will do the same! 😉

How did your week end up? 

How SORE are YOU this week?