A Different Way….

I decided on a different route today for my afternoon run.  I have to switch it up because mentally I can remember when or where I felt “tired”.  Not really tired physically….but where I guess mentally I’m done!  There is a trail that I have been wanting to get back to.  I’ve run it once before, December to be exact , on my first 10k.  The trail has a bridge over a fairly busy street…..

(courtesy of Nike+ app)

Up and over…..that bridge was MINE!! It was hilly and it was hot…but I did it! I also did it with my running buddy,who was able to squeeze it in today.  I should really say that WE conquered that bridge together!  

 I had to foam roll today because I increased the distance today. I usually get 2.25 miles in, however today I was able to get 3 miles in.  ūüéČūüéČ #YES. My inner shin felt a little sore, but no where near like it was in the past! I’m always very careful because I’m NOT taking 8 weeks off again…..ever! 

Dropping the Mike 

 #WORD #truth


How was your activity today?

Do you change up your route frequently?

One thought on “A Different Way….

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Oh wow! That bridge looks awesome!

    I like to run Bayshore/Channelside/Harbour Island/downtown Tampa area and will change it up by adding in extra loops, changing the direction, or adding in a new section, just to keep things fun.


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