Back on it…

Back from MY laziness of Spring Break! I was afraid I was going to forget everything….how to get to work, how to get the kids to school….EVERYTHING!  I haven’t taken this much time off (6 working days) in a LONG time!! It was nice, but I think I’ll be paying for it while exercising! 😝

I was able to run yesterday but it was short lived…. 

 ….because Mother Nature had other plans! As you see, 1.25 mi was all that was allotted because if the rain. #boo. I constantly have to remind myself that SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. But……it still ain’t great! 

I need to get off my A** and do a few things:

  • Take my bike to the repair shop. I need a new tire and I’m FINALLY interested in investing in some aero bars! (like THIS is going to make me a better cyclist…..hell to the NAH!!!) 
  • Need to get in a pool!! This basketball has SERIOUSLY put a crimp in my training. I think the race I want to do is in like 6 weeks! 😁 
  • How ’bout in need to REGISTER for the race!! I mean, seriously Angie, get off your a**!!! (Refer to the previous bullet point, Angie)

I feel better now…..

Back at it…Back on it….#noEXCUSES

How was your Monday?

How sluggish are you after vacation?

One thought on “Back on it…

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Haha! You sound like me. Committing to a race before ever actually COMMITTING to a race. 😉

    Ohmigosh! I have been so sluggish since getting back on Thursday! I ran a couple times on the cruise, but haven’t run since. I need to change that STAT!

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