Damn…it’s GOOD to be back!

…or I’m officially CRAZY for going back! Yes, folks, after an almost 4 month (self imposed, BUSY MOM) hiatus from CrossFit, I managed to drag my sorry behind right back there!  Damn…did I miss the place! This has been the LONGEST break I have ever taken from CF, so understandingly, I was NERVOUS.  Not nervous that I couldn’t do the skills/movements. Nah….I was worried I was going to DIE by WOD! (Coin that phase, Angie!!!).    

Source: myWOD

 If you don’t remember (or maybe you are new) I like to name a WOD that isn’t given one by the CF Gods. (You know…THE GIRLS…Angie, Annie, Cindy, Helen,etc.  #thoseB****ES). I name them for how I feel after experiencing the WOD.  Today…was….DAMN!!!  As in DAMN, that was hard! Or DAMN, that sucked! Or DAMN, what time again tomorrow??? 😉

It felt great getting back to what I love! I’ve missed it over these past months and I’ve realized how STRONG I feel before, during, and after a WOD. (Ok…maybe not COMPELETLY strong after the WOD!). AND….I got my girl, Leslie, to come back with me!!  She hasn’t been there in almost a year. She’s gonna LOVE me tomorrow, I tell ya!

Dinner was a quick trip to Subway for me and the boys.  They had Spicy Italian sandwich and I had a double chicken (Sweet Onion Teriyaki) chopped salad… 

with banana peppers, black olives, and pickles. Sounds odd but tastes GOOD! I just missed my fried onions! 😉

I wait for the BOOM (or DOMS as the pros call it….Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) of soreness over the next few days.  My quads are going to be in FI-YAH from all those squats. My shoulders are going be sore because of the push ups. My hands hurt (and going to hurt MORE) because of the knees to elbows (K2E).  My CORE, which sucks more than my legs, will PAY because of the sit ups and K2E.  If you see on my blog Facebook page, my cover photo PERFECTLY describes my love-hate relationship with CrossFit… 


What was the LONGEST time you too away from something you loved? 

3 thoughts on “Damn…it’s GOOD to be back!

  1. Mandy- Wild Red says:

    Dinner like great!! And I only wish I had the motivation to even begin cross fit so you’re way ahead of most of us out here!! LoL!!


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