Who do you run with?

I have been running with music a lot lately because I’ve been by myself.  I do have some buddies I run with, but sometimes life gets in the way and they can’t run on a day that doesn’t work for them.  Nothing can replace a run with a buddy….someone to keep up with (and keep you moving!!), someone to talk with, and someone to take your mind off that you feel like you want to DIE!!😂 

I try to keep a good mix of music on my iPod, so I keep going.  I get songs from the radio (mostly SirusXM), commercials (sad and kinda embarrassing), and lately…Sean Hayes (of “Will and Grace” ❤️❤️) official Facebook page.  SN: check it out because his lip syncing videos are HILARIOUS! I literally want to start my day with him!! #hesmyBFF #justdoesntKNOWit. He has some GREAT songs he’s lip synced to and I IMMEDIATLEY download them from iTunes!! 

I wanted to share my Playlist that I run with. Maybe you will like it and want it for yours….

  • Intergalactic -Beastie Boys
  • Let’s Go – Calvin Harris Feat. Ne-Yo
  • Love is Gone – David Guetta & Chris Willis
  • Inside the Fire – Disturbed (my POWER song!!)
  • Turn Down for What – DJ Snake and Lil Jon (my other POWER song!!)
  • Tonight I’m Loving You – Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris
  • Remember the Name – Fort Miner feat. Styles
  • You Can Do It – Ice Cube (another POWER song!!!)
  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons 
  • Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nikki Minaj
  • ET- Katy Perry
  • Since You’ve Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
  • Rollin’ – Limp Bizkit
  • He Reigns/ Awesom God – Kirk Franklin
  • Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan  Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
  • Animals – Maroon 5 ( one of my FAVORITE bands, btw)
  • Love Runs Out – OneRepublic
  • Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna
  • Lil Freak – Usher feat. Nicki Minaj
  • She Came to Give it to You – Usher feat. Nicki Minaj
  • Bezerk – Eminem
  • Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz
  • Winner – Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake
  • Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
  • The One – Mary J Blige feat. Drake
  • Rather Be -Clean Bandit feat.Kess Glynne
  • Trouble – Iggy Azalea feat.Jennifer Hudson (from my BFFs, Sean Hayes and his partner)
  • I Don’t Like It, I Love It – Flo Rida feat. Robin Thicke (another song from my BFFs)
  • Give Me Everything – Pitbull feat.Ne-Yo

WHEW! That’s a lot!!!!! But a good variety to keep me going and happy on those sometimes lonesome runs!  I hope you’ll listen and find something you’d like! I wish I could have sound clips for you!! But….iTunes will have to suffice, my friends! Enjoy!!!

Spill the beans!! What songs do you like to listen to when you run/workout?? 

Oh…I forgot! If any of you liked the Stitch Fix and want to try it, check my referral link.  #supportingmyHABIT. 😉

4 thoughts on “Who do you run with?

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Oh wow! That’s a super fun playlist!

    I no longer run with music. I’m going to be attempting running while listening to podcasts (so cross your fingers on that). When I was listening to music my favorite was anything and everything by Sevendust (they are my all-time favorite), and…the Soul Surfer soundtrack. (Don’t laugh! 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

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