Rainy days and Monday’s 

…well they don’t ALWAYS get me down (like “The Carpenter’s” sang).  I just don’t appreciate them showing up so quickly!!!  Welcome to and Happy Tuesday! It always seems like my weekends are a BLUR because we are busy (still) with basketball.  Julian had a tournament in Altamonte Spring (outside of Orlando,FL).  That means:

  • We overnight out of town as a family
  • Housework is behind
  • Laundry is behind 
  • The feeling of “I’m NEVER going to catch UP!!!!” on a daily basis

I have a PILE of laundry, STARING at me, MOCKING me,WAITING for me to fold and put away! Ugh….

Monday, it was back to reality! My buddy, Leslie, and I met after work for the Monday run.  The forecast called the possibility of rain, but we figured that we could get it in before the REAL Florida rain came down.   

 You SEE how that worked out, huh?  It was a very light sprinkle at the beginning, nothing uncommon in Florida. Somewhere around mile 1, that sprinkle turned into a full out RAIN! And let’s just say…we were NO where near shelter.  What does every runner do in this scenario?? Keep RUNNING!!! #likeaBOSS. Since my phone isn’t waterproof, I shoved in my bra (TMI…I know!) and kept going.   

Thanks, Nike app for continuing to GO in the rain!!!

 Our faces show what PLEASURE we are experiencing with wet clothes! Seriously, I am GLAD that I had a change of clothes because no man or woman should be exposed to the clothes clinging on THIS body!! 😝. I wish I would have pushed through and got that .10 mile in, to get an even 3 miles (that OCD was KICKING in!)  But my feet were SOAKED and heavy and I was uncomfortable with the wet, clingy clothes at that point…so I stopped!  Angie -1/OCD – 0

Off to basketball practice with dry clothes.  PSA: change your undergarments as well or it will look like you peed your pants!! #js

How was your Monday? 

One thought on “Rainy days and Monday’s 

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Haha! That’s why you gotta go with the shorts that have the built in ones… I fought them for the longest time because…well, it’s kind of weird, right? WRONG! They rock my world!

    And props to you for rain running! #likeaboss! You go girl!


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