Keeping busy…..

I managed a rain FREE run yesterday! But typical FL weather, it was HOT at 5pm; that made me run slower than I normally do, and THAT made me angry! But…I’ve lapped the folks on the couch, right??😉  

 Happy….to be done!!  

Tuesdays, Julian has basketball practice and my friend, Leandra (and fellow basketball mom) keep busy with some exercise while our boys are too!  

Source: Pinterest. I know you thought I modeled for the picture, but it isnt me!!😉

We modified the the squats only because we did some squats the day before.  AND…the jumping jacks…yeah those were modified because ladies like us that have had children….generally and GENUINELY don’t like to jump for reasons that I WON’T explain!! #depends.  I did 3 rounds in 13:34.  And it was a challenge!  If you are ever out of town and need a workout (and don’t have access to a gym) ALWAYS check Pinterest for ideas. Check out my Pinterest Fitness board here.  

This afternoon I’m back at CF for some more torture! Pray for me…..

What are you doing today???

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