While the BOYS play, Mom will too!

It really isn’t as risqué as it sounds!   The “boys”, or Julian’s basketball team had his first practice for the week.  This isn’t new!  As usual, I “played” too, ie did a CF inspired WOD with Leandra, friend and fellow basketball mom.  Monday’s after work exercise sets the tone for the rest of the exercise I will do for the week.  As you may remember, I was a SLACKER this past weekend.  What makes me upset when I do this?  Sometimes I feel like I’m starting from scratch with my runs! I hate that feeling! #nonrunner

 I got it in, and it could have been FASTER, but I did it! I was able to run with my partner, Leslie, which always makes for a great run!!

Basketball practice meant I could utilize the time WISELY and do a CF inspired workout.  Leandra and I did this last week.  I time the rounds, but I have NOTHING to compare it to because I FORGOT to write it down!! #duh.   I think our time improved from last week, but I can’t say with 100% confidence! I will tell you that I worked.my.BUTT.off!  I don’t know if we just feeling good and pushing each other, but I felt that!! It doesn’t look like much, huh? #fooledME

It  ALWAYS feels good after a workout! I never say “Damn, I wish we NEVER did that!!”.  I feel inspired to keep it going for the rest of the week!

Checking my email earlier today, I received a reminder that RunDISNEY Marathon Weekend registration opens….TOMORROW  (Like April 28, tomorrow) at noon!  I’ve always wanted to do one and I know they sell out FAST!!! 

GOTCHA! Get on it!!

 I am interested in the 10k and the perks (and SWAG) that come with this race….CRAZY!!! 


I’m jumping for joy!  Then I scroll down in the registration page.. 

 $110 bucks??? WHOA!!!  Can I afford myself??? I have until tomorrow by noon to make my decision because it goes FAST!!! #SHOULDi #SHOULDNTi 

Hope your Monday was good and you started out your week with some good exercise.

What did you do today?

Ever participate in a Disney race? Is it worth the BIG bucks?? (Of course it is, Angie!!!😉). 

5 thoughts on “While the BOYS play, Mom will too!

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    I did the Disney Marathon in January and… YUP! Totally worth it! It was a Disney party for 26.2 miles. I say go for it! Just eat Ramen for like a month straight. Hah! Kidding!

    If you do go for it, skip the Pasta in the Park. That was not worth the price.

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