Say something NICE!

It should be my new mantra.  My friend, Leandra, thought it would be a good idea to verbalize something you like about yourself, PHYSICALLY.    So much of women’s unhappiness today is because they are unhappy with their PHYSICAL appearance.  (This is strictly my opinion, btw).  We are ALL victims of this self doubt, the lack of self esteem and the self “hate”. We need to be uplifting and have positive attitudes- to ourselves and to other women.  We know these behavior can affect many aspects of our lives and our children.   

What a great way to start changing than to VERBALIZE what we LIKE about ourselves daily (or more frequently; regular basis)??   I LOVE Leandra for suggesting this idea!!!   Easier said than done, huh?  I’m struggling find my good thought for the day! Hey…Rome wasn’t built in a day😉. #workinPROGRESS #underCONSTRUCTION

My run today was a HOT one!  The FL rain did not cool anything down!  And that bridge that I ran over, made me her B**CH!!  

We look like a HOT MESS because its so BLOODY HOT!!

Glad we got that done!  

Just a reminder…… 

 Do something EPIC by being kind to yourself.  Say something NICE… you!!

Tell me (and you) something you LIKE about yourself!

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