I’m JAZZ’d

**Diclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my OWN and I have NOT been compensated for them.

Yep…I’m sure am!!! Walk with me for just a second… Monday, I go into Walmart before work (like I ALWAYS do!!) to get some fruit and salad fixings.  I get my usually- spring mix, romaine, etc.  I head over to the fruit- I get my Halos (❤️), blueberries (❤️❤️) and go look for apples (❤️❤️❤️).  Sadly, my favorite apples are not there (💔) and now I am looking for a substitute.  I come across an apple that looks similar, so I just grab ONE to try (just in case I HATED IT!!).  

Snack time arrives and I get to this BEAUTIFULLY colored apple- mixed hues of yellow and red. I’m excited.  I take a bite…..and I.am.in.HEAVEN!   

Introducing my new favorite apple….JAZZ !!! #helloBEAUTIFUL

The first bite is leaps and bounds over any other crisp apple I have EVER had.  Did you just hear that?? I took another bite……

See?? I’m work JAZZing!!!

The taste?? How do I do justice with my mere words??? It is the PERFECT combination of tangy and sweet.  It’s like a party going on!!

The smell?? It even smells like it is going to be delicious! So what did I do? 

And they are ALL mine!!!

That’s right! Bought a WHOLE bunch instead of that ONE I bought earlier in the week!  

Where have you BEEN all my life??  According the history, Jazz is cross between a Braeburn and Royal Gala apples developed in New Zealand (Thank you!!!).  This wonderful apple is grown in New Zealand, Chile, France, and the good ol’ US of A in Washington.  (Source: Jazz website)

What else is BEAUTIFUL about Jazz?It’s available YEAR ROUND!! So that means I have found a healthy snack that I can get ANYTIME! Take that my other favorite apples! You KNOW who you are!!!

Where do I get some Jazz in MY life? I’m a FL girl and on every corner there’s a Publix! But you can also find them at Walmart (where I originally found them).  A listing of more stores is available on their website. You can also find recipe ideas, nutritional information, and any other information about Jazz on their site.  

RUN…don’t WALK to the grocery store TODAY and try one! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!! 

I’m feeling JAZZy!!!

Hope you get a chance to try them! Talk to me….let me know if you did and your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “I’m JAZZ’d

  1. Mandy- Wild Red says:

    Great post!! I’ve never had this type before. In PA apple picking is a big thing so we’ve tried many. I’m adding this to my grocery list for tomorrow!!


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