Apple Wars

I talked about Jazz apples in yesterday’s post.  I’m glad that some of you might try it!  I started a little apple war on my personal FB page yesterday.  Some were saying “Pink Lady”, others ” Envy” and then some “Honey Crisps”.  So…I figured I would try some of them.  (Look at me….I’m gonna be on the Food Network soon!!!😉)


 GOOD!!! This is one of the apples that helped create my new favorite apple, Jazz! ❤️. It has taste very similar to the Jazz apple.  #anotherFAV

 Pink Lady (Cripps Pink)  This is a mixture of a Golden Delicious and Lady Williams apples.  I found this out after I ate it.  And it makes sense because it’s texture is of a Golden Delicious. (Mild crisp with a loose like pulp…that was ALL me, y’all!!)

I’m pleased with them all and glad I have broaden my horizons!  Go try some! #appleWARS

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