Cinco de Drinko (and some unfinished business)

….or more properly known as-            🇲🇽Cinco de Mayo🇲🇽.  I just like to call it that because it’s another excuse to have a cocktail during the week! 😉  Sadly, I am here at basketball practice and NO liquid libation is coming my way! 🍻😢 #storyofmyLIFE                                     

I was able to get a run in before getting the boys.  My running buddy (RB) Leslie had to work today.  

I FINALLY got a new Gator hat!!

                   Truth be told, I almost talked myself out of it.  We all know how easily we can do that to ourselves!  But there is something about having GOALS and a little WILLPOWER that holds you accountable and make makes you change your mindset!!  #runGIRL

Yesterday I finally got my BUTT in the pool! Triathlon season is in full swing and if I have ANY aspirations of doing well, I’ve got to get swimming.  I can’t seem to get to open swim in Valrico (where I live) because of….well….EVERYTHING.  What does a working mom DO that works 50 minutes from home? Swim close to work, of course!!!!😉. There is a pool about 15-20 minutes from work and literally down the street from Julian and Aidan’s school. PERFECT!!!  

Chain of Lakes Pool (Winter Haven,FL)

 The open swim was on $2 and it was well spent!! I only had 25 minutes because I got there a little later than I expected and needed to get going!       My workout:

  • 200 m warm up Freestyle
  • 100 m easy 
  • 5 x 50m at :60 

That was all I had time for and I was pretty happy. Better than NOTHING, right?  I used to be a competitive swimmer, from 7th grade to 11th.  I think my triathlon love comes from the fact that I have “unfinished business” from my swimming days.  I stopped because I was burned out.  2 hour practices after-school and weekend (while friends get to hang out,etc), meets Saturday’s (while everyone sleeps in), smelling like chlorine ALL THE TIME….you get the picture.  But it was something that I LOVED and had some decent skills.  I got tired of working hard and hitting a plateau….so I stopped, much to the chagrin of my partners and coaches.  As adulthood set in and I started to feel like I had some “business” to finish.  Enter….TRIATHLONS…..I haven’t looked back. 

I hope you were able to enjoy your Cinco de Mayo… 


2 thoughts on “Cinco de Drinko (and some unfinished business)

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Hah! Love your Cinco De Mayo humor!

    I was really hoping to enjoy a margarita last night (or 6) but that didn’t happen.

    That pool looks nice, and that’s great that it’s so convenient to work and the boys.


  2. Mom says:

    Glad you’re tying up loose ends.
    Little or no regrets, just lots of love, good times
    and bucket loads of fulfillment!

    Love you & early Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️💋

    Liked by 1 person

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