Weekend Wrap Up

I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!! We had a FULL weekend in my house. Aidan celebrated his First Communion on May 9th at Nativity Catholic Church (Brandon, FL).

It was a beautiful day to share with family AND friends! He was a little nervous because he said everyone would be looking at him!  I was nervous because I thought he was going to make that face again when he tastes the host (ie the bread)…. 


 THIS is the face I was worried about!  All went well AND the wine got a “thumbs UP” after the tasting! 😉. I was such a great day… 

….and Julian was able to serve the Mass, as well! #proudMOM


Hubs, Julian, Fr. Nelson, Me, and my beautiful Mom

Oh…that dress I’m wearing….there’s a story! I went to JCPenney’s (mind you, the Friday before the communion) to look for a dress.  I found his LOVELY Liz Claiborne Palm Tree dress (I’m obsessed!) on the mannequin but I don’t see it on the shelves/racks.  I’ve already looked at the mannequin to make sure it’s the right brand, and I STILL can’t find it!  So, I ask the attendant in a neighboring section for help finding the dress. I walk with her to find it…she’s asks me “What size do you need?”…takes a look at me…and says “Large?”. #ouch. If my insecurities about my weight needed a NEW reason to resurface…💣BOOM!!! I see that working out has really been WORKING OUT well for me!! #crushed😢. 

Mother’s Day was peaceful.  I’d planned on getting a run in, but that sleep was just TOO good!!!  Went to the mall BY MYSELF…bought something FOR MYSELF….I’d say it was a good day.  Hubs made dinner and I went to bed early….I’d say it was a great day!!!  I’ll post some pics later of my Mother’s Day finds!!😉. 

I hope all the mothers out there had the day that was needed and most importantly, DESERVED!!!  

WORD!!!! #spoketheTRUTH #droppedtheMIKE 

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