So, I’m an idiot….. This is FULL DISCLOSURE people! I’m over the moon excited to be swimming again and I’ve been documenting my swims here at 3M.   Well, today, I went to the pool.. 

LONG COURSE!!! Oh…this brings back some awful summer time swims because I HATED long course!  Any way…here’s  where the “idiocy of Angie” comes in…for TWO weeks I have been documenting in meters and not in yards!!!   

 Short course = 25 YARDS (ie WHAT I have been swimming for like 2 weeks and documenting WRONG!)

 As seen above…. Long course = 50 METERS (ie What I swam TODAY and realized that like a dummy I’ve been documenting wrong!)

That’s was a big DUHHHHHHHH!!!  I’m a SWIMMER, but apparently the “MOM-nesia” kicked in at the wrong time and rendered me dumb!  There…..I said it…I feel better…and I have vowed to not let the Mom-nesia take over ANY MORE!! #whew

Swim today was a 600 meters of pure freestyle! I was in a serious time crunch today, so no time for intervals today. There’s always next time…..

How was your day? 

3 thoughts on “Really??????

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    haha. ohh that would be so complicate. but good job on swimming.!! I don’t even know how to swim. lol


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