She’s BAAAAA-CK!!!

Oh yeah….she’s back!!! I don’t me me and being on track….The DREADmill!!!   

 Hubs FINALLY got the thing out of box and put together!! I decided instead of a run before picking the kiddos, I was going to take this baby for a spin (or run, I guess).   

 This console is overwhelming to me because my old DREADmill didn’t have this many options.  It has:

  • Incline adjustments 
  • Speed adjustments
  • 18 pre planned runs
  • Calorie buster option
  • Fan
  • iPod compatible (plug it in…and turn UP those JAMS!!)

Let’s do this…. 

 I had NO idea which option to pick, so I pressed some buttons and off I went!  I found out quickly that my selection included some inclines. No problem!! Well, it IS a problem when you go up as high as 10% incline at 4.5 speed! #HELLO #help. It was an interval training run with speed and inclin (I’m gonna pay for THAT tomorrow!!!).  It was a 30 min session, which only got me 1.98 miles. DAMN…why couldn’t it have been 2?? It seems like you did more with at least 2 miles, right??😉

All in all, as much as I loathe the DREADmill, I am please to have her back!  It makes me accountable again….”oh,I didn’t get to run today”…DREADmill!! “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow”…DREADmill!!   “Oh, I don’t want to!”…DREADmill!!!!  

 Just like Nike says “Just Do It”…

Glad to see you, DREADmill.  I’ve honestly missed you, and even though we weren’t the best of friends……Welcome back to my world! 


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