Simple Things

Every time I drop my son off at his day camp during the summer, I LOVE to see the sun reflecting off of the lake.

Lake Ariana- Auburndale, FL

Beautiful, isn’t it??  This image prompted my post this morning.  It’s the simple things….the things that make you happy, the things that ground you….these simple things that seem to make it better and put it all in perspective.  They don’t always have to be a person or something tangible, but often times they are.  Of course, finding and appreciating the simplicity in life doesn’t negate the happiness I find from family and friends! My CUP runeth OVER!   
The “BUSYness” of life tends to cloud our thoughts and make us forget about the little things.  We tend to miss them because of distractions.   As a mother, I KNOW that I don’t do enough to appreciate the simple things my kids do/say/sing/create that make me BEAM with joy!  


 My morning picture challenges me to FIND the joy and CHOOSE to ENjoy the simple things…maybe in my surroundings, in my quiet times and moments, in myself (including the successes and failures) and in my faith.  

I think I might add a “Simple Things” comment at the end of my post (every now and then) to remind myself (and hopefully y’all too) to search and continue to seek out those simple things!

Tell me some of yours!

I got my SWEATS ON!!!

No…I don’t have my sweat PANTS on, I mean I my SWEATS ON from yeaterday’s WOD!  It was another pleasurable Florida day…like 100 degrees “pleasurable” day!  I was sweating BEFORE the WOD even started!!!  

 Doesn’t look TOO bad, right?? WRONG!!  Remember I’ve always said….the ones that LOOK the easiest are the ones that kick your ASS!!! #whiteboardLIES

Managed to pull 10 rounds out of you-know-where and was DRENCHED in sweat! (ie…got my SWEATS ON!!).  My hair that normally looks like this…. 

 …looked like THIS… 


 I sweat the damn STRAIGHT out of my hair!  I went from straight to curly (my natural hair) in less than 20 minutes!! πŸ˜“πŸ˜ 

I can tell you that this AMRAP burned some GOOD calories too 

My new TOY….Polar M400

305 calories in that 20 minutes. #meLIKEY

I’ll tell you about the toy in another post ( = “I’m still working out the KINKS” or better yet “I’m still trying to figure it OUT!”)

Today is break day because Aidan has basketball practice at 7-9 PM!!! 😁

How was YOUR Monday???

Hello, Thursday!

I feel like I haven’t posted in a while…like FOREVER!  I made it to Thursday! Seems like a BLUR!  My morning running routine took a little pause this week (with a set date of return NEXT WEEK!).  If you remember, Monday called for an early morning wake up! So NO early run then! I went for a run and went to CF after work.  

Tuesday,  I chose to take off because I was tired. I’m ok with the rest day…πŸ˜‰. I literally allowed me to veg on the couch and do nothing! Some times those things/moments are PRECIOUS! #itstheLITTLEthings

Wednesday, I didn’t get up to run because I chose to stay up late to watch the GS Warriors take on (and BEAT) the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday evening.   Kinda hard to get up early when you stay up late! #moron. Aidan had basketball practice that evening.  He plays on a 3rd grade team and they have a game coming up (so cute!!).  Any way…they were able to practice at University of South Florida Pam and Les MUMA Basketball Center.  It was AMAZING!!   

 There are 2…count them 2….practice courts with multiple hoops to accommodate the team playing full court or skill drills.  Aidan was in basketball heaven…  

 He looks like a little ant on the court!!  While he was practicing, I went for a run around campus.  I have only ever been a few places on campus and now I can add this building to the places I have seen.

 See the Sun Dome?  That’s right where we were on campus.   It was SOOOOOOO hot out there! I ran about 7pm and it was still HOT as the Devil’s house itself! πŸ˜‰. On a side note, I am finding that running in the evening is becoming more and more undesirable!  It’s making me NOT want to run! I feel like I’m running with weights on my legs….it’s hard to get moving FASTER when I feel like I’m running through mud!  But I keep on trucking…

Today (aka Thursday) I found myself back in CF. 

 Does that SERIOUSLY say 105 deadlifts AND push-ups???  Of course it does!!! I got it done and then went for a run.  A short and sloooooooow run!  

 My JANKY running app didn’t start on time, so it missed a few increments from my total mileage.  Don’t be TOO impressed, because I only ran 1.05 because it was hot (see above) and my ass and hamstrings were killing me from 5 bazillion deadlifts!! #gonnaHURTtomorrow 

I haven’t really planned for tomorrow, in terms of exercise.  Hubs put our bike together…


We shall see what Friday has in store for me. πŸ˜‰

How have you all been?

Summer Work

Monday…you have come and GONE!  I had an EARLY morning because Julian left had to be at the church….at 4 am!!! Why in God’s name?? YES….that IS why!!  πŸ˜‰. He and his fellow Middle School youth “groupies” left for Hidden Lake in Dahlonega, GA.  It’s a Catholic youth group camp that he was all too excited to attend this year.  This is his second (and last) year at this camp.  Next year…he goes with the high school students! (NOT ready to talk about that yet!πŸ˜‰) 

He looks “ready” to go!!

After all the kiddos checked in, they loaded onto the bus and OFF they went.. 

Apparently…teenagers are too COOL to smile!!!πŸ˜‰

It was sad to say “goodbye” but seeing how happy and excited he was to go, it made it all better!  My baby is growning up!!! 😒. He will be gone for 6 days.

Aidan also started his camp too! 


……but he’s coming home! πŸ˜‰ #knockedOUT 

 Despite being up at the CRACK of dawn, I was able to get a workout in.  I met with my friend, Tracy, for a run.  It was a new route for me in town.  The Auburndale TECO trail was available to run.  

Again another “quickie” before getting Aidan from camp.  It was so STINKIN’ hot!  I’ve said this before…I think I saw DEVIL!! 😈. But guess what? I made it to the gym, too!  What to?  To this on that DAMN whiteboard……  

 Ok-KAY!  I am going to pay for tomorrow!

So…I rest….waiting to see what Tuesday brings me! Soreness….Pain….Regret…to say the LEAST!!!

How was your Monday??

 This didn’t sum up my Monday…. …it’s just Hilarious!!! #droppedthemike

Let’s get it STARTED!

This morning started of with a run!  I am BOUND and DETERMINED to make this little run a routine. I’ve literally been trying to do this for like 3 YEARS!!!!  The kids are out of school for the summer, so I always TRY to start then.  But some how, some way, I always get off track and never get back.  Here I am….”trying” again, days after turning 43….

43???? It’s ON!!!πŸ˜‰ 

This morning I only ran for 18 minutes…pretty fast (at least for me!).  I have figured out that I can only squeeze in 20-25 minutes in the morning.  I mean, I COULD do more, if I got up at 3am instead of 4am, right??  I am waiting for the day when 2 miles in the morning becomes the norm (AGAIN!).  

When schools out, I get to sleep in an extra hour!!!  But I have opted instead for 45 minutes extra sleep to get the run done.  All I have to do is MAINTAIN!  As I tell my patients “make it routine and it will STICK!”. Here’s to hoping…..


Aaaaaa-nd it JUST started with the typical Florida afternoon rain, so it doesn’t appear that I can get my afternoon OUTSIDE run in today!! #boo

How’s your Wednesday shaping up? I was totally BUMMED because I thought it was THURSDAY when I got to work!! #duhhh #FAIL

You Don’t Say……

It’s official….. I’m 43!!! Yesterday (June 8th) was my birthday.  Who has a birthday on a MONDAY? πŸ˜‰. I started the day with a date….DREADmill.   

  It wasn’t a lot, but it was something!  I had planned on doing another run AFTER work, but my meeting let out earlier than I thought and my buddy, Leslie couldn’t meet up.  

It’s interesting…. the OLDER I get, the LESS I want to make a big deal about birthdays.  I think birthdays are special still but I don’t need the fanfare (you know…big dinner, gifts galore, etc.).  WAIT…I still like the GIFTS!! πŸ˜‰. I came home early, changed my clothes, and watched TV (in my ROOM!) while the boys were busy elsewhere.  To me, having some “veg” time is by far the BEST gift!!  I caught up on some magazines, watched some mindless TV (old 90s sitcoms, I’d like to say) and waited for hubs to come home.  He greeted me with a cocktail…vodka on the rocks with a lime (my FAVORITE!!).  He made me a nice dinner with steak and asparagus with snow peas.  (sorry no pic…because I SCARFED it down!!)

I figured (before my birthday) that my diet still needs to change.  You think 40 is hard, wait until you are IN your 40s!  #ugh. I’m stuck with this 10 pounds that seems to have made a permanent home on my body!!!  I found the book from Christmas Abbott, one of my favorite CrossFit Athletes.  It was just recently published and released and I was anxious to get my hands on it.   

 I need a super charge, so I’m willing to try something new.  I will keep you posted, as I read along.  I’m excited!!  If you don’t know about Christmas, check out her site or follow her on IG and Twitter. 

All in all, it was a great day…. 

 HERE’S TO 43!

PS..I also heard June 8th was National Best Friend Day! I hope all you BFFs had a great day!!

Tell me about your BFF! Me? I don’t have one.  I’m what you’d consider a “butterfly” when it comes to friends.  I’m friends with EVERYONE!  I don’t think I ever really had a BFF.  (That really isn’t as as SAD as it sounds!!πŸ˜‰).  I LOVE all the friends I have and I treat them like they are ALLmy BFF!!❀️

Summer Running 2k15

You KNOW you sang it…..just like you did last with last year’s post!!πŸ˜‰ Yesterday started off the Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland (FL).  I do the race series every summer to keep me running over the summer and to check in terms of my “training”. You know…when you THINK you are doing good and then you race and see that your AREN’T doing enough? πŸ˜‰ #checkYOURSELF

Prior to most races, I go to Fitniche and buy myself something new.  I don’t have to convince myself it’s a BAD thing to buy prior to a race!! This time, I decided on..

I’ve always wanted to try these socks.  Up to now, cheap Walmart socks have been my go to brand.  I felt like a REAL runner having purchased and using these babies!  They were lightweight and they didn’t feel as tight on my feet as my current ones.  

I usually use a baseball cap to race in, but I’ve been wanting to try.. 

a visor.  They always looks so good others, so why not.  Again…felt like a real runner even MORE.  

Leaving my house early in the morning to get to Lakeland (it’s about a 30 minute drive), I was excited! This event draws in a lot of local and out of town runners.  I think this one had OVER 1000 folks! Not bad for a small town that I can’t wait to move to….SOME DAY! 

 Lake Hollingsworth in the WEE morning, about 30 minutes prior to race time….


It was a nice, flat course wrong the lake.  I covinced a few friends to join me../ 

Me, Sam (front); Donald(Leslie’s son), Leslie (back)

Our post race smiles….

I wasn’t really happy with my time, but like I said, I like to race to show myself WHAT I need to change in my daily trading or exercise routine.  

  Sorry for the language (if you are easily offended….because I NOT!!πŸ˜‰). But you ALL know….struggle is REAL!!!
How was your Saturday?

National Running Day (or the day AFTER!)

How was your… 

 I had full intentions of having a date with the DREADmil but a surprise basketball session came up for Julian.  So..Mom’s stuff took the back burner and my steady was STOOD UP!!😒. 

But it’s ok, he forgave me this morning!  

 He was good to me! πŸ˜‰. (I should have done MORE, btw!!!). 

Now that the kiddos are out of school, I am going to attempt (yet AGAIN) to put myself back on a morning routine.  I always try to do this so I can have this routine when school starts.  I LOVE having a run before work….

  • It’s DONE and one last thing to “do”!  Even though it LOVE to exercise, I like the freedom of not having something to do before I get home! You know…..πŸ˜‰
  • I REALLY feel good! I’m not as tired, I have more energy, I feel more focused for the day.

When school is out, I can go to Starbucks and treat myself…. 

I LOVE the Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal! I know that you’ve seen me post this like a GAZILLION times! But I can’t get enough! And let’s be honest….I’m LAZY!!  It’s not like I can’t make this at home, but why not treat yourself and let someone ELSE do it, right??? πŸ˜‰#theSIMPLEthings 

Today is my Dad’s birthday, so I hope to take him out to dinner, if he LETS me.  One of my favorite pictures of my dad…WHY?????

 Because it’s CLASSIC…he is doing what he does best…being the BEST Father in the WORLD!!!! ❀️ 


Do you prefer morning workouts or evening??

What I’m Diggin’

I haven’t done this is a while, so I figured I would let you know what I’m diggin’ today! 


 I am literally OBSESSED with these earrings!! I don’t know why…but ever since I’ve bought them (3 days ago), I have found some way to weasel them into my #OOTD (outfit of the day πŸ˜‰).  You know where I bought them??? PAYLESS!! That’s right…I didn’t sitter…Payless Shoe Source (“You COULD pay more, but WHY???”).  Never looked at any accessories at Payless?? You OWE it to yourself!! I have received the most complements on accessories I have purchased from Payless!!! #trueSTORY


I found THIS shirt at my other obsession…Ross!!  It never fails when I go there…I can always find something….that’s my problem! It just continues to feed my addiction.  

 I like the lace details but that’s not what sold me! I am a SUCKER for anything with a Manadrin collar (or something of the like).  And you see how I worked in my earrings??? πŸ˜‰. (PS….it sure does look like I have a DOUBLE chin!!!😝😝😝)


 This isn’t really anything new, but my kids like those darn Frappuccinos.  Well, they now have a mini size which is PERFECT for my little guy, Aidan.  Julian, at 14, can handle the Tall, but little man never seem to finish it (ie…WASTE of money!!).  After church, when hubs doesn’t go, the boys and I always make an Sbux stop.  Now my spoiled little one can have his Frapp in a small cup! 


It AIN’T just for watches!!! This purse in this color was my own “Happy Mother’s Day” gift to ME!!  Don’t we moms owe it to ourselves to TREATS!! I LOVE this bag and I love this color!! And no…it isn’t GREEN, it is MALACHITE! #exCUSEme


My new audiobook from Audible is GREAT!!! Gillian Flynn, the author of “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects” kills it AGAIN with this book!  I am literally on the edge trying to figure out the end of the story!!! I highly recommend her books….kind of dark, but VERY suspenseful.  

I have to run on the DREADmill today because Mother Nature decided to unleash the rain right AFTER I left work! #figures 

 Hope you liked what I was diggin’……

How was your Monday?

Oh….if you want a good laugh? Go to the blog FB page and watch my youngest…well….just watch! Let me know what you think!πŸ˜‰