What I’m Diggin’

I haven’t done this is a while, so I figured I would let you know what I’m diggin’ today! 


 I am literally OBSESSED with these earrings!! I don’t know why…but ever since I’ve bought them (3 days ago), I have found some way to weasel them into my #OOTD (outfit of the day 😉).  You know where I bought them??? PAYLESS!! That’s right…I didn’t sitter…Payless Shoe Source (“You COULD pay more, but WHY???”).  Never looked at any accessories at Payless?? You OWE it to yourself!! I have received the most complements on accessories I have purchased from Payless!!! #trueSTORY


I found THIS shirt at my other obsession…Ross!!  It never fails when I go there…I can always find something….that’s my problem! It just continues to feed my addiction.  

 I like the lace details but that’s not what sold me! I am a SUCKER for anything with a Manadrin collar (or something of the like).  And you see how I worked in my earrings??? 😉. (PS….it sure does look like I have a DOUBLE chin!!!😝😝😝)


 This isn’t really anything new, but my kids like those darn Frappuccinos.  Well, they now have a mini size which is PERFECT for my little guy, Aidan.  Julian, at 14, can handle the Tall, but little man never seem to finish it (ie…WASTE of money!!).  After church, when hubs doesn’t go, the boys and I always make an Sbux stop.  Now my spoiled little one can have his Frapp in a small cup! 


It AIN’T just for watches!!! This purse in this color was my own “Happy Mother’s Day” gift to ME!!  Don’t we moms owe it to ourselves to TREATS!! I LOVE this bag and I love this color!! And no…it isn’t GREEN, it is MALACHITE! #exCUSEme


My new audiobook from Audible is GREAT!!! Gillian Flynn, the author of “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects” kills it AGAIN with this book!  I am literally on the edge trying to figure out the end of the story!!! I highly recommend her books….kind of dark, but VERY suspenseful.  

I have to run on the DREADmill today because Mother Nature decided to unleash the rain right AFTER I left work! #figures 

 Hope you liked what I was diggin’……

How was your Monday?

Oh….if you want a good laugh? Go to the blog FB page and watch my youngest…well….just watch! Let me know what you think!😉

3 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin’

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Ooh! Pretty earrings! I have funny ears and only think studs look good, but those ones are definitely cute. I love that shirt, and that GREEN purse is super super super pretty! 😉

    And, yeah that is one cute silly boy you got on your hands there. Loved it!!!


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