Let’s get it STARTED!

This morning started of with a run!  I am BOUND and DETERMINED to make this little run a routine. I’ve literally been trying to do this for like 3 YEARS!!!!  The kids are out of school for the summer, so I always TRY to start then.  But some how, some way, I always get off track and never get back.  Here I am….”trying” again, days after turning 43….

43???? It’s ON!!!😉 

This morning I only ran for 18 minutes…pretty fast (at least for me!).  I have figured out that I can only squeeze in 20-25 minutes in the morning.  I mean, I COULD do more, if I got up at 3am instead of 4am, right??  I am waiting for the day when 2 miles in the morning becomes the norm (AGAIN!).  

When schools out, I get to sleep in an extra hour!!!  But I have opted instead for 45 minutes extra sleep to get the run done.  All I have to do is MAINTAIN!  As I tell my patients “make it routine and it will STICK!”. Here’s to hoping…..


Aaaaaa-nd it JUST started with the typical Florida afternoon rain, so it doesn’t appear that I can get my afternoon OUTSIDE run in today!! #boo

How’s your Wednesday shaping up? I was totally BUMMED because I thought it was THURSDAY when I got to work!! #duhhh #FAIL

4 thoughts on “Let’s get it STARTED!

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Oh gosh! I did the same thing! I totally thought it was Thursday too. 😦

    And kudos to you for waking up early. Even if it is just 20 minutes, it’s something and that’s all that matters.


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