Yet again…..

I fell asleep PURPOSELY in my running shorts to make myself get my ass up and run! I think I have this new inspiration (you’ve heard THAT before, I know!!)…   

 See, when they canceled the triathlon last week, I was bummed.  But when I REALLY thought about it, I wasn’t ready.  I was all “willy nilly” about it, like “Hey…I’m not prepared but I’m gonna do it any way!”.  That’s  not really how I want to feel about this race…ANY race for that matter!  I’ve been the type of “athlete”, in adulthood, that needed to have something to keep me in check.  Meaning….if I slacked, or got off track, a race that I had coming up would always keep my “training” in check.  Double meaning….”you haven’t done enough, Angie!  Get your act in gear!!”  

I took this cancellation as a sign that I need to be honest with myself and my training.  This year has been very different for me, because I have a teenage son that plays sports, both in and out of school.  HIS needs come before mine, but there is ALWAYS time to squeeze my stuff in. Time, as in-

  • You don’t NEED to mindlessly scroll through your FB feed or IG.
  • You don’t NEED to check your email AGAIN!
  • You don’t NEED to see if Loft is having a sale AGAIN! (Ok…yes I do!!πŸ˜‰)

Don’t get me wrong…the mindless stuff is what I need…what we ALL need, but it can also be a time suck!  And then when I don’t get my training in, I have no one to blame but myself because I didn’t give my best.  Granted, there are times when I can’t get it in, but those days are few.  

Once again, as I stare down the barrel of another school year, I plan on getting it together. What does that mean?

  • Continue to plan ahead! I have always been successful when I plan my week ahead of time.  Like folks do meal prep, I do EXERCISE prep!!  Get better at time management. 
  • Don’t beat yourself up! EVERY STINKIN’ time I “fall” or feel like I’ve “failed”, I beat myself up! Relax…and I have to remember that I am a human (GASP!!!😱) and can only do so much with the time I’m allowed! If I’ve missed a day because of “mom commitments”, pick myself up the next day and get going.  Don’t dwell on yesterday, because it’s GONE! 
  • Get some races on the book, so I will always have something to work towards!  I need to have that constant reminder.  I want to race, I want to do well, and I want to be a healthy, FIT 43 year mother of 2! (Is that too much?? πŸ˜‰)

Thanks for taking this ride with me, yet again!  I hope you all know that get inspiration from each of you….

…so THANK YOU!! And thanks for reading! ❀️#cupRUNETHover

How do you get over getting off track?

 Me……? ……I pull inspiration from things like these!!!


What’s that number?? Oh….that’s my number from today’s triathlon….that got CANCELLED! Here in the Tampa Bay, we were expecting some rain.  When Sam and I arrived a little after 6:00am at Ft. DeSoto, it was a little windy but everything was a GO! 

 Selfie in the Transition Area!! 

  Our  little “Tri” group. We’re going think of a name! 3 of the 4 of us are mothers and have mommy “guts”, so I thought why not Tri Guts??? 
We headed to the swim, which because of the “inclement weather”, was in the lagoon and not the bay (as originally planned).  My wave time was 7:04am, but it was on hold.  We waited…we waited…and waited.  An hour (and change) had passed and we all finally got word that the race had been cancelled.  The race directors told us that we would hear soon if the race would be a) rescheduled or b) get a refund.  So, I wait….

We retrieved our belongings (all the while being sarcastic…you know…”I FINISHED!!”; “I won my age group!!!”…stuff like that!) and got to the car.  We were STILL waiting for the down pour… 

 Nope…not yet!  I/we were kind of pissed because we didn’t see WHY the race had to be cancelled.  We thought we have been well into the bike before it started, but I guess that wasn’t our call.  Angry or not…we were DONE! 

As we get closer to my house… 

 …guess they knew what they were talking about,huh?? #safetyFIRST 

It was POURING by the time I got home.  I figures since I was already dressed for some exercise, I might as well do something!  

   Couldn’t do anything with THIS….
DREADmill time!  I ran a little on the ‘mill and rode the stationary bike for 5 miles.  

 In case you want to know, THIS is what you do when you are ALL marked up and no RACE to go to! πŸ˜‰

Truth be told, it was probably a good thing that the race was cancelled.  I wasn’t really prepared for it.  And I was really going into this for the ass beating to help me back on track!!  Guess everything happens for a reason…..

How was YOUR Saturday???

LOOK….now we can….

 It’s ABOUT damn time!!!πŸ˜‰ #haveaCOKEandaSMILE 

How do YOU prepare?

I’m doing absolutely NOTHING this week in preparation for my race this Saturday!  I know…I know….I’m not really supposed to do a lot, but I mean I haven’t done a stitch of exercise this week!! And it’s Wednesday, already!!   

 I fear I’m going to meet my maker this race, as I really haven’t trained as much as I should have. (Damn that “no time”!!).  You see that logo?? That race is gonna shut (or SHOOT) me DOWN!!  I am one of those “athletes” (in adulthood, NOT when I was a real one) that always needs THAT race to kick my ass, which will piss me off, and make me get back on track!!  

I feel like every post since I started this blog is some how about being and STAYING on “track”!  It’s a broken record…my TimeHop and Facebook posts have all reflected the same!!! Maybe I should change the name to “Keeping on Track”….or how ’bout “Staying on the Track”…or maybe “Quit Your WHINING about the Track and Just Keep MOVING! Anyone??? Bueller?? Bueller??  πŸ˜‰

Any way…how do I prepare?? I’m going to DO this race and I’m going to bask in the glory of being ABLE to participate! I am working on perspective and how to change mine! I have NO reason to be worried and NO reason to complain.  The mental preparation for a race is just as important as the physical preparation.  And as Nike ALWAYS says…“JUST DO IT”!!!

  This image came from my friend, Elizabeth, from her FB post this morning! She always so inspiring!!! Thanks, Liz!!
How do YOU prepare yourself for an upcoming race?

Adult FUN!

Yep…me and the Hubs got away for the weekend sans kiddos! They were with my mom and of course FREAKED OUT that we dare go to Orlando without them! They thought we’d go to the parks without them….but truth be told…fun for us involves RESTUARANTS and LIQUID LIBATIONS! That’s right, ladies and gents…food and alcohol!!! πŸ˜‰ 

Well, HELL-oooooooo Gorgeous!!!

I even tried something new (for me, at least!).  When the bar didn’t have lime, I found some sliced pineapple…and mutteled that bad boy UP!!  It was good!  



I went for a run before our day started (more than likely my LAST before my race on the 25th).  One of the nice things about staying at a Crown Plaza are the provided running maps….

So, there’s NO excuse, really.   It is designed for the “athletic minded traveler”.  Make sure that you check out if your hotel has the run maps!! It’s a great way to see the city without the typical “touristy” things! 

I had full intentions (you’ve heard THAT before) of getting 3 miles in, but my body apparently had a different plan. I got to see one of Orlando’s newest sites on my run… 
 The Orlando Eye.  It’s was nice to see it up close versus from I-4!!πŸ˜‰. You see I only got in 2.39 miles and I was so disappointed in my run…felt like I’d never run before ever!! 

We had a light lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille.   We shared a wedge salad, which was stellar!  STELLAR salad, you ask? Why?  TOMATOES!! I’ve never, never, EVER liked tomatoes on ANYTHING!! Well….Momma’s got a brand new bag!!! What have I been MISSING all my life??? What an IDIOT I’ve been!!!

 We also split the Sausage, Pepperoni and Ricotta Flatbread.  Perfect…light…and on POINT!  It started to drizzle when we left and looked like it was going to POUR…what do we do? Go for another cocktail, of course!! 

 What a great way to wait out the typical Florida storm!!  I love the decor…and they have MY Plantation Shutters… 

Since we were on an (eating) roll, Hubs and I went to Emeril’s  Tchoup Chop for dinner.  Remember, the family went there Memorial Day weekend.  Well…the food was still AMAZING!  We tried some new appetizers….

Robata Pork Belly


Robata Corned Beef Tongue…that’s what I said…CORNED BEEF TONGUE!!!

Our dinner was great…sorry I didn’t get pictures because we SCARFED it down!!! πŸ˜‰. 

That’s A LOT of food for one day, huh? #stuffed


Pool time in the morning and to the afternoon. It was relaxing!!

We decided to go have the “meat sweats” at Texas de Brazil, the Brazilain Churasacurria (“steak house”). If you forgot my other trip, check in out here.  The meat was great but I have to, no NEED to tell you something  that I found at the salad bar…

 ….Couscous salad!!! I died when I tried this! Pearl sized couscous, scallions, diced cucumbers, thinly sliced radishes, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, and the BONUS….CRAISINS!!! I’m waiting for hubs to make this at home!!!


 EXPRESSO β˜•οΈβ€οΈ

What a great weekend! Hubby and I always look forward to these get-a-ways!! 

 Happy Hubby and me!❀️

How was your weekend??


Yesterday, I was able to get a swim in…first time in a MONTH!! And good thing,…because I have a race in 2 weeks!!  It’s been difficult since the boys got out of school (in June) to find the time to get the swim in!! It’s no excuse, but timing is EVERYTHING!!  I was able to pick them up at 6 when they were at school (less than 5-7 minutes from the pool).  When they are in summer camp (20 minutes from the pool), I have to pick them up at 5:30.  It doesn’t make time for a swim. Honestly….I’ve been frustrated! But kids come first, right parents????

I swam about 1/2 mile which is close to (if not the actual) the swim distance in two weeks.   

 I am racing the Top Gun triathlon –

  • 0.25 mile swim
  • 10 mile bike (I SUCK at this!)
  • 3.1 mile run

It’s possible….possible I might DIE because my only training has been running.  And it’s so damn hot, I wonder if I should even count my slow runs as “training”!!πŸ˜‰  

  Oh LORD!! I’m there….which means I’m doing it!! #yikes

After my swim, I was only able to get a “shorty” run… 

 Sad,really, but I stopped to talk to my friend and my run basically  got the “middle finger” because I didn’t finish!  πŸ˜‰

I’m nervous but I’m excited to get to it and get BACK to it!!! I can’t do any worse than my last one… 

 I had NO training for this one (July 2014).   I’m still waiting to see what my results would be if I TRAINED for it!! Someday…..πŸ˜‰

I have such RESPECT for all of the working parent athletes that can get the serious training in! I LONG to be that person and I hope it will be soon!! I always need a race to get me back on track and back to the reality that I need to put in more work….

Keep me in your thoughts….

How was your day?


 I LOVE this!!! #spartans

What I’m Diggin’….

Another Monday?? I feel like time is moving TOO fast because school starts in T-minus 4 WEEKS!!!! What the HELL happened to the Summer?? How am I already BUYING school supplies??? 

Ok…the vent is over!! On to more fun stuffπŸ˜‰.  Here’s what I’m diggin’ lately….

1. Kashi granola bars 

 Hubby loves these and I normally buy them at Costco.  I tried them (out of pure desperation) because they aren’t selling the SMART bars at this time. 😒. Man….wish I NEVER did! This bar literally hits all of the tastes/senses….dark chocolate (your “sweet”), almonds and Kashi (your “crunch”), and the sea salt (your “salt”).  The coconut is in there some how, but I can’t figure out if it’s in with the “crunch” or the “sweet “.  Whatever….it’s a combo that SERIOUSLY works! It was so good, I called hubby at work (we NEVER speak during the work day because we are both busy) and told him to “watch out because I’m eating his bars!!”

2. Snappea Crisps  

 What do I say??? Again….hubby is to blame on this one too!!!  I’m a SNACKER, it’s a known fact. But I am also trying to be more aware of what I snack on!  Hubby knows I love his snap peas with salt,pepper, and garlic powder right out of the bag! So, he knew I’d love these, too!  Bonus…the were a BOGO!!!!

 The crunch of a chip but WAY healthier!! The specs??? For a 1oz serving: 

  • 120 calories 
  • 6g fat
  • 16g carbs (3g of fiber)
  • 5g protein
  • 85mg sodium 
  • Gluten free (for those who are conscious)
  • NON GMO (per the website)!!

Not bad….I still see some ingredients that I’m not aware of. (What the hell is silicon dioxide and ascorbyl palmitate going to do to me???). And why NOT just munch on the real thing,you ask? Good question! I plan to…but these will kill time for me until hubs prepares them!! πŸ˜‰

3. Reececliff Diner 

 I went with a friend of mine not to long ago, while our kiddos were at basketball camp.  It’s a family diner in  Lakeland, FL.  I’d never heard of it but was all to willing to try it out!  

 I love those kind of places that make you feel like THEIR home is YOUR home! We were there about 11:30am, thinking we might have missed breakfast, but they serve it all day! #bonus.  This was great news because I still wanted breakfast and she was ready for lunch!  

 My friend had the club sandwich with REAL sliced turkey and the works!! I had my breakfast FAVORITE pancakes with REAL blueberries!!!!  Looks good,right???  If you are in Lakeland and are looking for a nice place to eat with a nice environment…THIS is your place!  

 How can you RESIST a place like this?? They still believe in Santa!!!!

4. Ann Taylor LOFT – I have been CRAZY addicted to this place!!! They have a sale online literally every day!!! 

 I coped this skirt and necklace for total of $30!!! #whattheWHAT. If you follow me on IG, you’ll see some of the other items I’ve bought on sale from there!! I just got these navy blue pants today online…..

 Originally priced at $59.50 (HELL NO!!!!!), marked down to $44.99 (KEEP going!!!), now 60% off for $18 (MUCH better!!).  I am my mother’s child as I have become older and I REFUSE to pay full price for most things. (Athletic apparel doesn’t fit into that equation…sorry!  I’ll pay full price for that!!). 

5. My Polar M400 

 This watch FINALLY gives me everything I want…a GPS, a heart rate monitor, a timer, a pacer, a monitor of my activity and sleep!! It’s endless!! Remember my FitBit died last year and I was confused with what to get next! I was always leaning towards the Garmin, but I didn’t want to take another mortgage one house to get it!! These are all the settings I have programmed in the watch….

My favorite??? 

 It’s time to move your ass, Angie!!!πŸ˜‰

I’ve had this watch for about a month and change.  I’m still learning ALL the things it can do, but I’m DIGGIN’ it!!! 

There you have it…all I’m diggin’ lately. Hope you liked it!!

What are you DIGGIN’????

Oh…I almost forgot my Monday funny for you….. The struggle is REAL, peeps! REAL!!!  #droppedtheMIKE

You’ve been WARNED!

It’s a night off from any working out today! So….what am I doing?? Catching up on ALL my blog reading, both here and at Bloglovin.  Bloglovin is where I was first thrusted, head first, into the blogosphere.  If you are like me, and LOVE to read blogs, take a look.  #blogADDICT

One of the blogs I read is from PopSugar.  It’s a lifestyle blog…fitness, celebrities, nutrition, fashion, parenting, etc.  I always read the fitness and nutrition sections.  What caught my eye was the section on “burpees“.  (you KNOW I hate them!!).  This article highlighted foods we eat and how many burpees (in time increments) you would need to do, in order to burn the calories.  Oh…I’m INTRIGUED….and SCARED!

According this article, 1 minute of burpees burns an average of 10 calories. (THAT’S IT?!?!?!? I’m going to test this theory VERY soon! I’ll keep you posted!).  They had a list of popular foods, the caloric count and how man minutes of burpees that are needed to πŸ”₯burn, baby, BURNπŸ”₯ it off. Here are some of my (used to be) favorites:

  • Pepperoni pizza (1 slice) – 298 calories : 30 min of burpees
  • McDonald’s fries (Med) – 380 calories : 38 min of burpees 
  • Red velvet cupcake – 496 calories: 50 min of burpees
  • 5oz glass of red wine – 115 calories: 11 min and 30 sec of burpees 
  • 12oz beer – 150 calories: 15 min of burpees
  • Cheeseburger – 423 calories : 42 min and 20 sec of burpees 

All I can say is WOW!!!  Now, some of the items didn’t give serving sizes, so I’m not 100% sure how accurate some of the calorie count is.  But for all intents and purposes, let’s pretend we know what the serving size is.  And therefore, you get the point, right??  If you are going to HAVE some, you better WORK! #youvebeenWARNED

What are your thoughts on this??


Source- Pinterest



….HOW-sah!  She’s mighty, mighty…🎢 (You KNOW you sang it!!πŸ˜‰).   I was all to excited to leave work and get my run on (and in) before picking up the boys.  Then, another Florida rain storm detailed my outside run….

This is what it looked like when I left work about 4:20pm.

  I had planned on running before picking up the kiddos, which is about 15 minutes away from work. But….apparently Mother Nature had other plans for me! DREADmill, sweetheart!  I was not happy, but then hubby reminded me (through my psychotic rant) that “at least you have another option!”  YEAH…Angie! Gimme a break, Angie!  #firstworldproblems

Got home, and got my butt on the ‘mill.   

 Like the background view?? 

Where does the “brick” come in?  WHAT is a brick, you ask??? 

A brick in the triathlon world usually refers to a bike-run workout but would also include a swim-bike workout. Brick workouts are important in triathlon since the sport is made of up of three consecutively run legs β€” swim, bike, run, in that order for the most part.” (Source – USAT).  

I decided after this little run, I’d ride my bike.  See….I was starting to get bored on the treadmill.  I still felt like I could DO more, but didn’t want to run.  So, after stopping the ‘mill, I hopped on my bike.  I only biked 3.5 miles, but I was EXCITED to do it.  It made me feel like the little triathlete that is screaming to get out!  She’s in there…and she’s on the COME BACK!  So…..there’s my “little” brick! 

What did you do today?

Here’s a thought I have…..A LOT! 

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#thestruggleisREAL #idroppedtheMIKE

Monday is Funny

I have decided I need not only motivation on Monday but some funny on Monday too! 

Here you go….  

…..How ’bout this??? 

And then my all time favorite…. 

Hope you enjoyed some of these on this Monday after the holiday.

Have a GREAT Monday!!! ❀️. 

Come and Go….FAST!

Hello Tuesday!  I seem to always say this…but how did it come so FAST???  How do the weekends come and GO??

Last weekend, Aidan had his first basketball tournament.  He was excited to be playing again.  We found a team of (rising) 4th graders that he (as a rising 3rd grader) can play with.   

 He picked the #14 because of Oscar Robinson, a player from waaaaaa-ay back in the day that he likes.  

They played on Friday…and won. They played Saturday morning…and WON! This advanced them to the finals, where they met with another great team.  Sadly, they lost and took 2nd place. But…they’ve only played together for 3 WEEKS!! I’d say -not bad for them!!   

 He’s still learning how to play with older kids and different skills and I’m excited to see what’s to come.  This is towards the end of travel season, so they may get one, if not two, tournaments to play.  #buhBYEweekends

Because I was busy this weekend, I literally did NO exercise, making me feel like a SLOTH! #comeandgoneFAST

Monday, Julian started working on mobility movements with his new trainer, so that pushed any workout for me to the back.  

 It was so late by the time all was said and done, this wall all I could muster the strength to do. BTW…that HBO’s new series “Ballers” with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). πŸ˜› LOVE it…check it out.  

Today, Julian wanted to get some shoting practice in, so after work…off to the park (and another Mom workout pushed back!). 

 He also had some mobility HOMEWORK with air squats and mountain climbers. Oh my….. 

All said and done, I hopped on the bike (stationary) that is, and pedaled away. 

 5 miles…but I’ll take it!!!  Biking is my weakness, so I’m always afraid in the tris for this leg of the race.  But, I’m trying! 😁

My weekend theme.. 

Photo: Run,Eat, Repeat (one of my FAV blogs!!)


Let’s hope the rest of the week will be better…

How’s your week shaping up? (TOTALLY wanted that pun,btw!πŸ˜‰)