Yesterday, I was able to get a swim in…first time in a MONTH!! And good thing,…because I have a race in 2 weeks!!  It’s been difficult since the boys got out of school (in June) to find the time to get the swim in!! It’s no excuse, but timing is EVERYTHING!!  I was able to pick them up at 6 when they were at school (less than 5-7 minutes from the pool).  When they are in summer camp (20 minutes from the pool), I have to pick them up at 5:30.  It doesn’t make time for a swim. Honestly….I’ve been frustrated! But kids come first, right parents????

I swam about 1/2 mile which is close to (if not the actual) the swim distance in two weeks.   

 I am racing the Top Gun triathlon –

  • 0.25 mile swim
  • 10 mile bike (I SUCK at this!)
  • 3.1 mile run

It’s possible….possible I might DIE because my only training has been running.  And it’s so damn hot, I wonder if I should even count my slow runs as “training”!!😉  

  Oh LORD!! I’m there….which means I’m doing it!! #yikes

After my swim, I was only able to get a “shorty” run… 

 Sad,really, but I stopped to talk to my friend and my run basically  got the “middle finger” because I didn’t finish!  😉

I’m nervous but I’m excited to get to it and get BACK to it!!! I can’t do any worse than my last one… 

 I had NO training for this one (July 2014).   I’m still waiting to see what my results would be if I TRAINED for it!! Someday…..😉

I have such RESPECT for all of the working parent athletes that can get the serious training in! I LONG to be that person and I hope it will be soon!! I always need a race to get me back on track and back to the reality that I need to put in more work….

Keep me in your thoughts….

How was your day?


 I LOVE this!!! #spartans

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