Adult FUN!

Yep…me and the Hubs got away for the weekend sans kiddos! They were with my mom and of course FREAKED OUT that we dare go to Orlando without them! They thought we’d go to the parks without them….but truth be told…fun for us involves RESTUARANTS and LIQUID LIBATIONS! That’s right, ladies and gents…food and alcohol!!! 😉 

Well, HELL-oooooooo Gorgeous!!!

I even tried something new (for me, at least!).  When the bar didn’t have lime, I found some sliced pineapple…and mutteled that bad boy UP!!  It was good!  



I went for a run before our day started (more than likely my LAST before my race on the 25th).  One of the nice things about staying at a Crown Plaza are the provided running maps….

So, there’s NO excuse, really.   It is designed for the “athletic minded traveler”.  Make sure that you check out if your hotel has the run maps!! It’s a great way to see the city without the typical “touristy” things! 

I had full intentions (you’ve heard THAT before) of getting 3 miles in, but my body apparently had a different plan. I got to see one of Orlando’s newest sites on my run… 
 The Orlando Eye.  It’s was nice to see it up close versus from I-4!!😉. You see I only got in 2.39 miles and I was so disappointed in my run…felt like I’d never run before ever!! 

We had a light lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille.   We shared a wedge salad, which was stellar!  STELLAR salad, you ask? Why?  TOMATOES!! I’ve never, never, EVER liked tomatoes on ANYTHING!! Well….Momma’s got a brand new bag!!! What have I been MISSING all my life??? What an IDIOT I’ve been!!!

 We also split the Sausage, Pepperoni and Ricotta Flatbread.  Perfect…light…and on POINT!  It started to drizzle when we left and looked like it was going to POUR…what do we do? Go for another cocktail, of course!! 

 What a great way to wait out the typical Florida storm!!  I love the decor…and they have MY Plantation Shutters… 

Since we were on an (eating) roll, Hubs and I went to Emeril’s  Tchoup Chop for dinner.  Remember, the family went there Memorial Day weekend.  Well…the food was still AMAZING!  We tried some new appetizers….

Robata Pork Belly


Robata Corned Beef Tongue…that’s what I said…CORNED BEEF TONGUE!!!

Our dinner was great…sorry I didn’t get pictures because we SCARFED it down!!! 😉. 

That’s A LOT of food for one day, huh? #stuffed


Pool time in the morning and to the afternoon. It was relaxing!!

We decided to go have the “meat sweats” at Texas de Brazil, the Brazilain Churasacurria (“steak house”). If you forgot my other trip, check in out here.  The meat was great but I have to, no NEED to tell you something  that I found at the salad bar…

 ….Couscous salad!!! I died when I tried this! Pearl sized couscous, scallions, diced cucumbers, thinly sliced radishes, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, and the BONUS….CRAISINS!!! I’m waiting for hubs to make this at home!!!



What a great weekend! Hubby and I always look forward to these get-a-ways!! 

 Happy Hubby and me!❤️

How was your weekend??

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