How do YOU prepare?

I’m doing absolutely NOTHING this week in preparation for my race this Saturday!  I know…I know….I’m not really supposed to do a lot, but I mean I haven’t done a stitch of exercise this week!! And it’s Wednesday, already!!   

 I fear I’m going to meet my maker this race, as I really haven’t trained as much as I should have. (Damn that “no time”!!).  You see that logo?? That race is gonna shut (or SHOOT) me DOWN!!  I am one of those “athletes” (in adulthood, NOT when I was a real one) that always needs THAT race to kick my ass, which will piss me off, and make me get back on track!!  

I feel like every post since I started this blog is some how about being and STAYING on “track”!  It’s a broken record…my TimeHop and Facebook posts have all reflected the same!!! Maybe I should change the name to “Keeping on Track”….or how ’bout “Staying on the Track”…or maybe “Quit Your WHINING about the Track and Just Keep MOVING! Anyone??? Bueller?? Bueller??  😉

Any way…how do I prepare?? I’m going to DO this race and I’m going to bask in the glory of being ABLE to participate! I am working on perspective and how to change mine! I have NO reason to be worried and NO reason to complain.  The mental preparation for a race is just as important as the physical preparation.  And as Nike ALWAYS says…“JUST DO IT”!!!

  This image came from my friend, Elizabeth, from her FB post this morning! She always so inspiring!!! Thanks, Liz!!
How do YOU prepare yourself for an upcoming race?

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