Yet again…..

I fell asleep PURPOSELY in my running shorts to make myself get my ass up and run! I think I have this new inspiration (you’ve heard THAT before, I know!!)…   

 See, when they canceled the triathlon last week, I was bummed.  But when I REALLY thought about it, I wasn’t ready.  I was all “willy nilly” about it, like “Hey…I’m not prepared but I’m gonna do it any way!”.  That’s  not really how I want to feel about this race…ANY race for that matter!  I’ve been the type of “athlete”, in adulthood, that needed to have something to keep me in check.  Meaning….if I slacked, or got off track, a race that I had coming up would always keep my “training” in check.  Double meaning….”you haven’t done enough, Angie!  Get your act in gear!!”  

I took this cancellation as a sign that I need to be honest with myself and my training.  This year has been very different for me, because I have a teenage son that plays sports, both in and out of school.  HIS needs come before mine, but there is ALWAYS time to squeeze my stuff in. Time, as in-

  • You don’t NEED to mindlessly scroll through your FB feed or IG.
  • You don’t NEED to check your email AGAIN!
  • You don’t NEED to see if Loft is having a sale AGAIN! (Ok…yes I do!!😉)

Don’t get me wrong…the mindless stuff is what I need…what we ALL need, but it can also be a time suck!  And then when I don’t get my training in, I have no one to blame but myself because I didn’t give my best.  Granted, there are times when I can’t get it in, but those days are few.  

Once again, as I stare down the barrel of another school year, I plan on getting it together. What does that mean?

  • Continue to plan ahead! I have always been successful when I plan my week ahead of time.  Like folks do meal prep, I do EXERCISE prep!!  Get better at time management. 
  • Don’t beat yourself up! EVERY STINKIN’ time I “fall” or feel like I’ve “failed”, I beat myself up! Relax…and I have to remember that I am a human (GASP!!!😱) and can only do so much with the time I’m allowed! If I’ve missed a day because of “mom commitments”, pick myself up the next day and get going.  Don’t dwell on yesterday, because it’s GONE! 
  • Get some races on the book, so I will always have something to work towards!  I need to have that constant reminder.  I want to race, I want to do well, and I want to be a healthy, FIT 43 year mother of 2! (Is that too much?? 😉)

Thanks for taking this ride with me, yet again!  I hope you all know that get inspiration from each of you….

…so THANK YOU!! And thanks for reading! ❤️#cupRUNETHover

How do you get over getting off track?

 Me……? ……I pull inspiration from things like these!!!

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