A Pedal Story

How did the weekend go so fast??? Friday was a rest day for me, as Julian had basketball training and there wasn’t enough time to get at least a run in before. Oh well….
Those of us in Florida were waiting…patiently…to see if TS (or Hurricane) Erika was going to make her presence known! This is the only time of year that FL isn’t fun! It’s the “wait and see” that drives me crazy..! Is school going to be closed? For how long? How much work am I going to miss?? Do we have what we NEED to get through this?? All of this…and then nothing…really wears a person down. PLEASE don’t get me wrong…I would rather go through these emotions and NOT have a storm, then to have a storm and it be absolute CHAOS! Thankfully, (at least at the time of writing this post) Erika has changed course and she will only dump rain on us. I continue to think about all other states that may be affected by these kind of storms. 
There wasn’t a lot of rain in the evening on Saturday, so I needed to get a bike ride in. I am (trying) doing a race in 2 weeks ….

  I haven’t registered, but plan to by tomorrow. I needed to take my bike out, as I haven’t since my last CANCELLED tri. Let me say…I was a little scared! The 4 mile loop that I anticipated circling twice didn’t pan out. The cars that were SUPPOSED to be driving 30 mph…were driving so FAST! A few cars came very close to be..too close for my comfort. Now I see how and why there are so many bike accidents and even casualties. SCARY….!

I was only able to get in 6 miles…..   
 The first reason was because it was about to rain. Secondly, I was finding it hard to get my rhythm because of the cars!  And lastly, my bike was “pulling” weirdly during my ride. I thought it was because of the asphalt or riding on the sidewalk.  It was “slipping” a little, as well. I noticed it when I was trying to get out of the way of the oncoming car. I cycled to the edge of the street, in a swell (that part that water drains into during a rainy day), and it was slipping or skidding when I would cycle back to the street. I pumped my tires BEFORE I left my house. So I knew it couldn’t be the tires! Couldn’t be more wrong! When I was done, I saw my back tire was completely flat. I attempted to pump the tire up but as it became full…I could hear the air coming out! Ugh….again?!?!?!?  

I took it to the bike shop…and I quote “I had a nice, evenly sliced hole in my tire.” It was rather large and I can’t even tell you what or when I ran over something.  Fortunately…it only cost $19.95 to repair the damage.  I tell ya…this triathlon is an EXPENSIVE hobby o have picked up!! πŸ˜‰

I didn’t mention how the ride was….! It felt great!! I felt powerful and like I knew what I was doing! Of course it WAS a flat course (and the race has hills), but it felt good!!!  

 We shall see how I do….

How was your weekend? 

What did you get to do?

Techno Geek

Yesterday was a fun day, in the techno world, for me.  I found (and fell in LOVE) with Periscope.  If you haven’t checked it out, please do!  I have done 2 broadcasts already.  Sad part…they only last for 24 hours after you’ve recorded them.  πŸ˜’       If you missed my first cast, check out yesterday’s before it sinks away. (get it?? Periscope?? Submarine?? Sinking away???).  

After my run yesterday with these lovely ladies…

 I was playing around with my Nike+ app trying to post the picture.  We all know the run or activity didn’t HAPPEN unless it’s posted, right?πŸ˜‰

I usually just post the mileage on the picture…

Courtesy of Nike+

 ….but I wanted something different.  I’ve seen other bloggers and Instagramers have different “writing” on their pictures.  So, to the APP store, I go!! I found FitSnap and it looked like something I could use.  

Courtesy of FitSnap

 Lo and behold it WAS the app I have seen on others photos! #score. 

I am such a techno geek and get EXCITED with new apps.  You guys probably already knew about it, but then sometimes I am late to the game, you know??? #imaMOM

Have you seen any other app that will make this Techno Geek happy??

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Periscope UP!!!

Have you heard or tried Periscope

 It’s a service from Twitter that allows you to have live broadcasts.  You can chime in with a comment or a shout out.  You like what you are hearing?  You can “like” the broadcast by tapping the screen and leaving hearts. ❀️❀️❀️❀️. And Pericope comes with a bonus.    If you aren’t able to watch it LIVE you can always REPLAY!  How neat is THAT???!!!  The replay right now is only available for 24 hours but I’m sure as updates come, it will last longer.   I love that I can (potentially) see and hear some of my favorite bloggers now.  It’s nice to put a voice to a lot of the words I read!  You can also post your broadcast on your Twitter page.  

Here’s my first broadcast.  Hope you like it and let me know what you think. πŸ˜‰. I’m going to try a do a broadcast once a week and maybe give you guys a heads up before so you can catch it LIVE!! Wanna follow??  Find me @UFAngie01 

Enjoy! ❀️


PS…this is available for iOS and Android systems. 


If we were running together now, I’d let you know…

…..I am doing better this week with my food intake.  It’s a DAILY struggle, but it’s worth it!

I am still trying to figure out HOW to fit in a triathlon this season.  My first was cancelled and I feel like I’ve lost my mojo! I’m thinking about doing one in 3 weeks…

 I did this series last year in Clermont (FL).  This race is the last in the series, so why not!?!?  I need the boost.

I am considering doing a Disney race! But not until next year.  Registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon-The Dark Side opens September 22.  I have always heard these races are FUN and who doesn’t love SW???  I tried to sign up one time, but my waffling decision making skills caused the delay in registering and therefore MISSING a slot because is SOLD OUT!  I would like to do the 10k because a half just doesn’t seem possible to do…for me!

I am planning a 5k race for my kids school for next year. 😁. I’ve run MANY but have never been on the operations side of the business. Any advice?

….I have survived the first 2 weeks of my kids being back at school! I crave the routine but NOT the homework routine! Ugh…..

That’s it for today’s RunChat!  I’ll see you for our next run to chat some more. Next Wednesday??

Thus far….

This week has been good, thus far, at least on the exercise front.  πŸ˜‰

Monday – Leslie and I, fresh off our 5k from Saturday, got a run in.  Thankfully… torrential Florida rain (ie “there was a TS brewing”) gave us afternoon showers, which lead us to “not so HOT Hades” weather for our run!  This was a good run for me, just like Saturday.  Maybe this whole “running with my Polar but not obsessively looking at it for my pace” thing is working.  I just ran…. 

 …and it was NICE!  

My shins are a little sore, mostly on the right, from those DAMN jump ropes at CF last week!! Remember I suffered the WRATH from the multitude of double unders last year?? This is NO way the same, but it is a touch sore but a different side than before. #treadLIGHTLYangie

Tuesday- we AGAIN got the run in!  Another HOT day (whoa..what a SURPRISE!!) for a run!  It was 100 degrees that registered in the car when I left work.  I forgot my Polar at home on the charger, so I ran without today. Like I said before, it was nice…liberating, almost.  A struggle though…as I am used to trying to get back to MY pace.  Apparently the secret is to NOT look at it…. 

 A nice little jaunt before pick of up the kiddos.  The shin did well, but I did put my compression hose on.  I DON’T want a reoccurrence of last year! #hellNO

Tomorrow- going to try and either go to CF or do a CF-inspired WOD.  Wish me luck! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘


Happy Mommy Moment!!!  Aidan came to me and said that he wanted to have the FASTEST TIME in the mile in his grade (3rd, that is) this year (like his brother, mind you).  He asked me if I could show him how to use the DREADmill.  It was so cute!! If I wasn’t so CHEAP, I’d pay WP for the ability to upload videos, and then you could see him! If you follow me on IG, you can see the Master at work!  

Blurry DREADmill shot!!πŸ˜‚

   After the WORK is done! 0.25 mile, but hey…it’s a start!!  Hope he keeps it up! 


…I got your BLUE-berr-IES!!! Hubs wanted some dessert last night and suggested something with blueberries.  Well…that just gives me an opportunity to LEGITIMATLELY scroll through Pinterest.  I found a great recipe from Cooking Classy for a Lemon Blueberry Cake.  Well…doesn’t THAT sound yummy!!!  

Let it be known…..I can’t cook if my life DEPENDED on it, but I do love to bake!  No…that doesn’t mean I’m an awesome baker, I just love to do it.  BONUS…I don’t like to eat the finished product!  All the prep, and tasting along the way…I’m good! 

Hubs and my dad loved it!  It makes me feel good to contribute something from the kitchen! (If you remember, Hubs does all the cooking in our house!πŸ˜‰).       

 Out the oven…..

Finished product with cream cheese frosting….

…and the inside view… 

 My favorite plates look like they have blueberries on them too….!

I wonder what will be requested next weekend???

Do you like to COOK or BAKE? 

Have any recipes you’d like to share??

 MY domestic life…… #idroppedtheMIKE #ortheSPOON

End of the Series…

Yesterday was the last in the Watermelon Series in Lakeland.  It’s a 5k series over the summer that helps to keep you motivated to run.  This summer has been INCREDIBLY hot and it was HARD to stay motivated this year.  This year, I missed the middle two races – I was out of town for one and I had a triathlon for the other (which by the way was CANCELLED at the last minute!), so I was really looking forward to this race.  

It felt incredibly good to run! I just ran for the sheer enjoyment of it.  I’ve been very frustrated lately with myself- my body (as a result of my diet), my running, and my lack of gym/CrossFit time.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let all of these self doubting thoughts get me down and make me loose site of my goals.  I just want to be a successful RECREATIONAL athlete.  Success measured by MY goals and mine alone.  So…

  • If I don’t PR for my race, just celebrate the run and be PROUD that you finished!
  • Baby steps towards my goal! Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a DAY”
  • When in doubt…just keep going!!

  Donald (Leslie’s son), Leslie, and Me! We look so happy, don’t we??? πŸ˜‰. I am extremely proud of Leslie because I coaxed her into this series and even though I missed two of them, she continued on!  My running buddy is STRONG and I hope she knows how AWESOME I think she is!!❀️

Until next year….. 


    If you WANT a DONUT…

    ..then HAVE a donut! I kid…I KID!πŸ˜‰ I found these precious peaches called “Donut Peaches” at Walmart.  I’m actually not a big donut person, but this FEELS like I’m being a little naughty with my food. πŸ˜‰.  

     It doesn’t look like much, but sure is good! It’s sweet but not overly sweet like the typical Georgia peach that I usually eat.  It is VERY juicy, which I enjoy!  The pulp is a pale color, not like the colorful pulp I am used to.  It was weird but a delightful surprise! 

     Another 3M recommendation for FOOD! (surprised, aren’t ya???). Hope you like it!
    Have you found any new foods recently?  

    Random funny for today…. 


      This is SO true!  I’m not sure if I want to break out into a run or bust a move!! πŸ˜‚

    That’s Me, AGAIN!

    I literally saw myself in the mirror changing after a run…”WHOA, what was that there??was my first thought.  My second? “How did I let this happen..AGAIN??”  Somewhere along the time-space continuum (ie kids school, kids activities…),my diet   SUFFERED.  I made ok choices and started back to some old habits and behaviors. You know…thinking I could out exercise a blah diet.  I was so proud of myself and had done so well around March and keep going strong.  My body was changing (for the better) and I was happy with what I was seeing.  Clothes fit better…I had more energy…I didn’t obsess about my weight.  Then, something happened, but the sad part is…it wasn’t anything specific! It just.CREPTED.BACK!  Back on it…as I say!

    Yesterday, I was able to run with Leslie and my other friend, Tracy (fellow Mom, fellow runner/triathlete, all around FUN gal). 

     We “only” got in 1.6ish but again…in this FL heat…I’ll take it! 

    SN: I’m secretly (or maybe not SO secretly) trying to get fellow parents from our kiddos school together for a group to run.  I got Tracy with us…and I’m recruiting more!! πŸ˜‰

    Today, was my first day back at CF in a MONTH!! Ugh! I’m ashamed….  It was a nice easy one to get back to:

    • 30 DU/90 SU*
    • 10 slam ball squats 25#
    • 5 slam ball S2OH 25#
    • 10 slam ball Russian twists

    It was 15 min AMRAP and I completed 6 rounds.  I was pleased considering…

    Diet has been in point this week.  I am going to bed earlier, drinking more water, and snacking on the good stuff.  I’m back at the gym, getting more running and genuinely pleased that it has been easy to transition back to what worked for me before.  I will keep this in mind as I keep moving.. 

     This is what I looked like just 2 years ago with my WOD partner, Katelyn. (LOVE that girl!!!).  I work hard and I’m going to work HARDER to get back. My WOD partner looks AH-mazing now (she didn’t look back before!).  Her muscle are INSANE!! I’m coming back to you, muscles!! SN: I used to think I looked AWFUL then.  What I would give to look awful like that NOW!! πŸ˜‚

      My life….! #now #butNOTforlong

    I ADMIT it…

    ….I am a snacker!! There….I said it! I would rather snack than have a meal! Over time, I have learned to scale it back and make better CHOICES as I snack!  

     Oh how I LOVE thee, tortilla chips!! ❀️. 

    But…look at some of the yummy snacks I’ve found in my travels this week. 

     These barbeque quinoa (KEEN-wha) chips are lovely!! They have all the crunch and taste of a potato chip without all of the bad stuff!  

    They also come in Sea Salt flavor 
     You see that there is hardly any sugar and all that protein??  Both of these bags I found at TJMaxx (waiting in line!!).  They were $2.99 and I did see them on Amazon for $2.89! SCORE!!!!!

    Within the same week, another trip to TJMaxx (to take back something and switch out sizes…I swear!!) caused me to find another snacks-poo! πŸ˜‰ 

     Oh…are these good! It’s like having a mini rice cake with blueberries!  

    Darn you, TJMaxx!! Not only do I find great clothes but I find great snacks, too!!

    Do you have any favorite snacks?? Please share because I’m always looking for new ones!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚