Yep…SURE did!! (again)

Well….I’ve done it again! I’ve found a new snack and I’m writing ANOTHER post on FOOD!! I was in Wally World (Walmart, to you not in the know😉) this morning, as I am every Monday. I lunch prep in a very odd way…get my stuff
there on Monday and I go. No neat containers, no measuring…just bags from Wally World in the fridge at work! #sorryNOTsorryAny who…I am carusing the produce isle and low and behold something sticks out and literally wants to jump in my cart… 


These apples are grown in New Zealand and now are available here in the US. They come in this cute plastic container with 5 apples, perfect for “on the go” people (like myself)! They remind me of a miniature Jazz apples or Honeycrisps, so they are sweet, crisp and CRUNCHY!!!  As a matter of fact, they ARE probably one of hose apples, but I couldn’t resist the cuteness!! According to the packaging, it’s “your DAILY fruit blast!” 

 Ain’t she CUTE???? 

I am a SUCKAH for new things, cute packaging…all of it! I’m the Marketing Department’s BFF! So…honestly HOW could I and WHY would I pass up the opportunity to try these???😉

Do your self a favor and go get some to try!!  


***Disclaimer: The opinions of this post are exclusively that of Mom, Miles, and Mishaps. I have NOT be compensated for this post or for purchasing and trying the product. 

Here’s your Monday Funny: 

 It IS, isn’t it?? 

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