For the past 10 days (-ish), we have had some HELL-A rain days here in the Sunshine State! I mean FLOODING with Noah and his Ark kind of rain!  Tuesday…we finally saw the sun again! It’s been nice to get back and feel normal again!!

Normalcy meant getting back to running outside in the DEATH HEAT!   I was able to swim on Wednesday:

  • 200m warm up
  • 100m breast stroke
  • 100m freestyle kick
  • 8-25m sprints at :60 (should have done :45)
  • 100m butterfly kick
  • 100m freestyle 

I was all to happy to finally get a swim in since my cancelled triathlon.  (I’m still kinda mad…but such as life!).  Since I’m eyeballing a race in September…I have to stay focused.

Today, my buddy Leslie and I were able to get a run in.  And man…was that a HOT MESS!! I was so angry with myself because I had to take some walk breaks (4 to be EXACT!!!) because of the heat.  Today, I felt like I couldn’t breathe!! I was fine for the first 1 mile and quarter, but man that heat smacked me dead in my face!!!  So…a little break here…a little break there…still pissed me off at the end!  Summer is always the time my running suffers, so I know that this is normal for me, but it still sucks!  I feel weak and out of shape, but I remain positive because I am a) doing more than anyone sitting still and b) I’m still under construction.   

I used this picture to say: STOP sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts! 


You are under construction (still), so be PATIENT with yourself!

 How was your day??

Oh….I forgot….best news EVER! My FAVORITE running store is opening a location close to me!  Fitniche is coming to the Brandon/ Valrico area (for those in the Tampa Bay Area).  I ONLY buy my  running shoes (and gear) from them because they are :

  • Always knowledgeable
  • Prices are GREAT
  • Selection is even BETTER
  • Every person…literally EVERY PERSON, is beyond courteous! No matter if you are a seasoned runner, a recreational runner/ athlete (me), or a newbie- everyone is treated the same!!
  • They have great run gatherings that get everyone together to run…all typesof people!

I am still partial to their Lakeland (FL- Polk County) location because I spend A LOT of time in Polk County and plan on a move there in about a year.  But I’m excited for the possibility of joining in on some group runs here at home in the mean time! ūüėČ.  

 If you live in the area, look out for their opening some time in September! In know I will be there!!! 

Oh…and this is HILARIOUS: 

 #byeFELICIA #idroppedtheMIKE 

4 thoughts on “Finally!!!

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    That’s so cool! We totally need a running specialty store in Brandon. I’ve only been to the Hyde Park location and didn’t care for it. But! I do like that they always have water outside for the runners.

    And, we’re all under construction. All the time. Nobody (and no run) will ever be perfect. Just be the best you that you can be.And, in this heat you have to run slower…

    Liked by 1 person

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