The First Day…

My summer as I know it is officially OVER! How do I know that??  Because my kiddos started back to school today!! Super excited and craving the normal routine again! NOT super excited to argue, fuss and fight about missing to write HW in the agendas, forgetting books/notebooks, crumpled papers in the backpacks, FOOD in the backpacks…I could go ON  forever! Ugh…..

This is Julian’s LAST first of school at St. Joseph Catholic School. He’s going into 8th grade, that means ….GASP…high school in T-minus one school year!

   He’s finally smiling because he got his braces off last week! Flash that 5k smile, love!! (No…not the run 5k but as is 5k like 5 GRAND!!!). 
Aidan is going into the 3rd grade at SJCS.  And in true fashion, he starts  the school year in HIS way…. 

   All I can people is PRAY for his teachers!!😂
  They had a GREAT day!
I was able to squeeze a little run in before picking them up and hearing all about their day! It was a very HOT Florida day…my breathing was off and so it was a challenge to get this little run done. 

 SN: the school is celebrating its 60th Anniversary.  I was representing and sporting the colors!  I truly hope I didn’t embarrass them….because I was SLOW! 😉

All in all…it was an EXCELLENT  first day!

Have your kiddos started back to school? 

How was their first day?

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