….I am a snacker!! There….I said it! I would rather snack than have a meal! Over time, I have learned to scale it back and make better CHOICES as I snack!  

 Oh how I LOVE thee, tortilla chips!! ❤️. 

But…look at some of the yummy snacks I’ve found in my travels this week. 

 These barbeque quinoa (KEEN-wha) chips are lovely!! They have all the crunch and taste of a potato chip without all of the bad stuff!  

They also come in Sea Salt flavor 
 You see that there is hardly any sugar and all that protein??  Both of these bags I found at TJMaxx (waiting in line!!).  They were $2.99 and I did see them on Amazon for $2.89! SCORE!!!!!

Within the same week, another trip to TJMaxx (to take back something and switch out sizes…I swear!!) caused me to find another snacks-poo! 😉 

 Oh…are these good! It’s like having a mini rice cake with blueberries!  

Darn you, TJMaxx!! Not only do I find great clothes but I find great snacks, too!!

Do you have any favorite snacks?? Please share because I’m always looking for new ones!!!😉😂

2 thoughts on “I ADMIT it…

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    I am such a snacker! It’s pretty bad, but I have improved a lot from where I used to be with it.

    Lately, when I get snacky I will grab either: a small handful chocolate covered almonds, a KIND healthy grains bar (delicious and not as heavy as the traditional KIND bars), an apple, banana, or an organic fruit strip thing.


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