If you WANT a DONUT…

..then HAVE a donut! I kid…I KID!😉 I found these precious peaches called “Donut Peaches” at Walmart.  I’m actually not a big donut person, but this FEELS like I’m being a little naughty with my food. 😉.  

 It doesn’t look like much, but sure is good! It’s sweet but not overly sweet like the typical Georgia peach that I usually eat.  It is VERY juicy, which I enjoy!  The pulp is a pale color, not like the colorful pulp I am used to.  It was weird but a delightful surprise! 

 Another 3M recommendation for FOOD! (surprised, aren’t ya???). Hope you like it!
Have you found any new foods recently?  

Random funny for today…. 


  This is SO true!  I’m not sure if I want to break out into a run or bust a move!! 😂

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