That’s Me, AGAIN!

I literally saw myself in the mirror changing after a run…”WHOA, what was that there??was my first thought.  My second? “How did I let this happen..AGAIN??”  Somewhere along the time-space continuum (ie kids school, kids activities…),my diet   SUFFERED.  I made ok choices and started back to some old habits and behaviors. You know…thinking I could out exercise a blah diet.  I was so proud of myself and had done so well around March and keep going strong.  My body was changing (for the better) and I was happy with what I was seeing.  Clothes fit better…I had more energy…I didn’t obsess about my weight.  Then, something happened, but the sad part is…it wasn’t anything specific! It just.CREPTED.BACK!  Back on it…as I say!

Yesterday, I was able to run with Leslie and my other friend, Tracy (fellow Mom, fellow runner/triathlete, all around FUN gal). 

 We “only” got in 1.6ish but again…in this FL heat…I’ll take it! 

SN: I’m secretly (or maybe not SO secretly) trying to get fellow parents from our kiddos school together for a group to run.  I got Tracy with us…and I’m recruiting more!! 😉

Today, was my first day back at CF in a MONTH!! Ugh! I’m ashamed….  It was a nice easy one to get back to:

  • 30 DU/90 SU*
  • 10 slam ball squats 25#
  • 5 slam ball S2OH 25#
  • 10 slam ball Russian twists

It was 15 min AMRAP and I completed 6 rounds.  I was pleased considering…

Diet has been in point this week.  I am going to bed earlier, drinking more water, and snacking on the good stuff.  I’m back at the gym, getting more running and genuinely pleased that it has been easy to transition back to what worked for me before.  I will keep this in mind as I keep moving.. 

 This is what I looked like just 2 years ago with my WOD partner, Katelyn. (LOVE that girl!!!).  I work hard and I’m going to work HARDER to get back. My WOD partner looks AH-mazing now (she didn’t look back before!).  Her muscle are INSANE!! I’m coming back to you, muscles!! SN: I used to think I looked AWFUL then.  What I would give to look awful like that NOW!! 😂

  My life….! #now #butNOTforlong

One thought on “That’s Me, AGAIN!

  1. skinnyrunning says:

    I think it’s so easy to fall into that trap of not paying attention to what we are eating or how much we are exercising. I know it happened to me. Hence I started running this year. I’m sure if you put your mind to it you can turn things around. BUT, you look fantastic now as well as 2 years ago!


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