…I got your BLUE-berr-IES!!! Hubs wanted some dessert last night and suggested something with blueberries.  Well…that just gives me an opportunity to LEGITIMATLELY scroll through Pinterest.  I found a great recipe from Cooking Classy for a Lemon Blueberry Cake.  Well…doesn’t THAT sound yummy!!!  

Let it be known…..I can’t cook if my life DEPENDED on it, but I do love to bake!  No…that doesn’t mean I’m an awesome baker, I just love to do it.  BONUS…I don’t like to eat the finished product!  All the prep, and tasting along the way…I’m good! 

Hubs and my dad loved it!  It makes me feel good to contribute something from the kitchen! (If you remember, Hubs does all the cooking in our house!😉).       

 Out the oven…..

Finished product with cream cheese frosting….

…and the inside view… 

 My favorite plates look like they have blueberries on them too….!

I wonder what will be requested next weekend???

Do you like to COOK or BAKE? 

Have any recipes you’d like to share??

 MY domestic life…… #idroppedtheMIKE #ortheSPOON

3 thoughts on “Blueberries…

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Hah! That ecard was totally made for me!

    I (sometimes) like to cook and/or bake, but I get bored easily and frustrated easily, so the Boy and I decided it’s best if I don’t.

    Save me a slice of that cake. It looks delish! 🙂


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