Techno Geek

Yesterday was a fun day, in the techno world, for me.  I found (and fell in LOVE) with Periscope.  If you haven’t checked it out, please do!  I have done 2 broadcasts already.  Sad part…they only last for 24 hours after you’ve recorded them.  😢       If you missed my first cast, check out yesterday’s before it sinks away. (get it?? Periscope?? Submarine?? Sinking away???).  

After my run yesterday with these lovely ladies…

 I was playing around with my Nike+ app trying to post the picture.  We all know the run or activity didn’t HAPPEN unless it’s posted, right?😉

I usually just post the mileage on the picture…

Courtesy of Nike+

 ….but I wanted something different.  I’ve seen other bloggers and Instagramers have different “writing” on their pictures.  So, to the APP store, I go!! I found FitSnap and it looked like something I could use.  

Courtesy of FitSnap

 Lo and behold it WAS the app I have seen on others photos! #score. 

I am such a techno geek and get EXCITED with new apps.  You guys probably already knew about it, but then sometimes I am late to the game, you know??? #imaMOM

Have you seen any other app that will make this Techno Geek happy??

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