You SPIN me ’round

To quote the Dead or Alive song (you know you sang it’s!!!!), I did something this weekend that I haven’t done in a LOOOOOONG time.  SPIN CLASS!  The last time I took a spin class (or spun πŸ˜‚), I was preggo with Aidan. He’s 8, by the way…. Since going back to the gym, I decided to take full advantage of the classes I like.  I’m not a “woo hoo” kinda gal that takes Zumba and classes like that. (Although I did take Reebok Step Aerobics back in the day😝).  I felt weird in group classes…like I’m not supposed to be    there.  When I discovered spinning about 15 years ago, my “fear” of group classes went away.  I had so much fun!!

I was excited to see LA Fitness had Spin on the schedule, so let’s do it!! My last gym you had to get there INSANELY early to get a “number” and get a spot to get a good bike.  It was torture…but an expected torture if you wanted to spin.  I expected the same at this gym, but not the case.  Therefore I was there 35 minutes ahead of the class!  What do I do now? Treadmill!!  I squeaked in a quick 2 miles before the class. 

9:10: Time for class!  

 This room was HUGE!!  

 There must have been 50 bikes!!  The class was small…only about 10 folks where there.  The instructor was great…she had great music…and I remembered why I enjoyed spinning again!! 

 A quick selfie during a sprint….!

Julian finished his basketball workout (our gym has a full court) and he joined me for a little bit. 

 He turned too quickly!! 

I burned 500 calories!! Can you believe it??  It was great…and my butt is sore! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I’ll be back….

Is there any exercise/activity that you haven’t done in a while that you miss and want to do again??

You WILL choose the Dark Side

…(in my best Darth Vader) yep, that’s right….

 I got in to the 10k at Disney in April 2016!!  

 If it sounds like I’m excited….I am!!!  This literally was the bright spot in my day.  Today, I was in EMR (electronic medical records) training ALL day at the hospital.  I set my alarm for the reminder because I’ve heard it’s crazy registration day.  I knew regardless if I was given a break during my session…I was registering at 12 noon SHARP!  I had the website open, my Active account open and already sign in, and I was waiting for 12.  Someone gave me a heads up to be READY to register and I listened! By 12:04….I was done!!!  

 I’ll spare you the cost but I’m sure those of you that have participated in a Disney run know they are costly. But I understand it is WELL worth it! 

Let me know if any of you are participating! Would love to meet you!!!  Now…..what to wear????  I’m kinda partial to my guy, R2D2…

Any suggestions???πŸ˜‰ 



Oh no I didn’t….!

Today I had to say goodbye to my beloved CrossFit box, CrossFit UFPC.  Why??? My kiddos schedule just doesn’t allow me to get to the 5:30 class, 3-4 times a week like I used to.  Julian has pre-season/off season basketball skills training 2 days per week and strength training 1-2 days a week.  Aidan just started back with Cub Scouts once a week.  This leaves me…empty handed! πŸ˜‚. No…seriously…I can get in a little bit before pick up and that’s the reality.  Like today… 

 Then…a bright star, in the shape of a great idea, showed up!!  I have a LA Fitness less than 5 minutes from my house!!!  Now…I’m not going to lie…I felt all sad and embarrassed that I had to join a “gym” to get my workouts on!! I’ve been doing CF for    almost 6 years and sometimes the CF culture doesn’t embrace the “globo gyms” culture (or at least that’s what it seemed to me). How was I back at a “regular” gym after doing CF for so long?? #snob. I need the strength, I jumped ship and landed at a petty cool place. 

Julian can play ball while I workout…and he’s all too happy about that!  

 I snapped him playing a pick up game with some high school players.   #basketballHEAVEN

 My view from the mat…

I figured I’ve done enough CF to do it on my own.  I can go back and repeat some old WODs or find new ones on Pinterest.  Interested?  Take a look at my Pinterest board.  

Today’s WOD, you ask? 

 50 pounds for squats ( I did back squats) and 30 pounds for the KB swings.  WOD completed in 7:28.  I lay here tying the post and my legs are SORE!!!  Not bad for a Monday …

I’ll keep you posted of all the fun things I get to do at the gym.  Trust me…there is MUCH more!!  I hope to drop in and do some CF sometime 

How was your Monday?

Don’t forget those prayers for tomorrow at noon! #runDISNEY 


I had my post triathlon race on Saturday.  The Faster with Fitniche 5k in Lakeland (FL) was a great way to start the (or my) Fall 5k season.  The summer is HARD for me to keep up with running….my pace is SLOWER, my DESIRE isn’t there, and it’s just too HOT!  

I hadn’t done those race for about 4 years, and it was nice to add it back on my “list”.  It is run through Lakeside Village before opening hours.  It began at Fitniche  

 and at 7:30am the weather was a PERFECT 74 degrees! #helloFALL. I was feeling very good about this race.  I was with my best running friend…ME!πŸ˜‰. I am finding the comfort in signing up for a race and not worrying about who’s going with me or who’s racing with me.  I have come to realize that if I want to do the race, do the race. I mean, I’m the one who is actually doing it,right?  Why should it matter if someone signs up with me?? I guess I see people talking and chatting before the race and it always feels kinda of weird that I’m not doing the same.  I run (or bike and swim), I finish, and I pack up my s**t and go.  Sad,huh?  Any way….we race!

It was an easy flat course…

 (Sorry for the BAD pics…!)

As always I find one person to follow and try to keep up with… 

I’m coming for you, lady in pink!! πŸ˜‰. I didn’t get her but she was constantly in my sights!!  That made me push harder….and how do I know? I literally wanted to puke when I crossed the finish line.  And….wait for it..cut 1 minute off my time!!! It is still not where I am accustomed (or better yet, WANT) to being, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel!  Sub 30..I’m coming for ya!!!!

Beer (and Root Beer) was provided after the race…  

    …but I didn’t stay. 😒. 

I was happy and went on with my Saturday.

How was our weekend?

Oh…PLEASE pray that I get in to the Disney Star Wars 10k!! Registration starts TOMORROW at noon!!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

RunGAB 3

It’s Wednesday, y’all!  Let’s GAB!!

If we were running today, I’d tell you..

….I am going to do a race this weekend. Nothing big…nothing spectacular….”just” a 5k.  This time of year, as the weather cools down in Hell..I mean Florida…I start to particiapte in more runs.  I usually average 2 a month and I’m hoping on sticking to that goal (fingers crossed folks!!).  Faster with Fitniche 5k.  I haven’t down this race in about 5 years.  It’s easy course…small…and really no pressure!  I just registered, so I might not be guaranteed a shirt. (Well…DAMN! It’s ALL about the shirt, right?!?!?). 

….I “think” I found another triathlon to do!  I must be CRAY CRAY, but I’m excited! Siesta Key Triathlon is October 3rd and my friend kinda talked me into it.  1/2 mile swim (possible), 13 mile bike (possible IF I don’t have a flat!!), and 5k run in packed sand (well…I’m not STOKED about that!).  And it’s for a good cause because it benefits the Sarasota YMCA Sharks swim team. #teamplayer. I’m waffling on registering because I noticed there were cut off times and I’ve never done a race with that before.  What if I suck an do not make the cut off??? I don’t know what to do…..

…I want a new triathlon bike! Wha??????  What I NEED to do is learn how to ride and change the damn tire on my CURRENT bike!  Hey….I said I wanted one but I really don’t need one! #dreamsareFREE

…I’ve added ONE more thing to my weekly schedule. My youngest Aidan 

 is starting back at Scouts today. The meetings are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.  Officially, I now only have weekends free.  This is why the “squeeze in” workouts are my staple right now. #ugh

How was your Wednesday?


Unlike the “unlucky” #133 from my last race (only because it was a cancelled race…you see I’m still bitter, right??πŸ˜‰), this number lead to a RACE!  It was bound to be good because that’s my age! 43, NOT 430!!  

I participated in 30th Annual Central Florida Triathlon Series.  This was the last in the series in beautiful (and hilly) Clermont, Florida at Waterfront Park.  

Let me take you on a walk through triathlon day….            

 Wake up: 4:00 am comes REALLY early!! Thankfully all is packed in my car the night before, all I need was a brush of the teeth, hair in a ponytail, deodorant and my suit and shorts.  I grabbed an apple, protein bar, and my Tervis tumbler full of water… 

Thats’s my GIRL!!!

Clermont is a good hour and 20 minutes (-ish) from where I live in Valrico.  I wanted to make sure I got my packet and got a good spot in the transition area.  Little known fact…I’ve been a little  

tardy to the transition and get the sucky spot between other bikes! Race time: I was the powder blue cap group (women 40 and over) with a wave time of 7:34am. And we are OFF….

  • Swim: 440 yards in Lake Minneola.  The water was perfect but that orange buoy that I had to swim to seems VERY far away! I managed to catch up (and surpass-YAY!) the wave ahead of me.  Time-9:12
  • T1:2:57
  • Bike: 11 miles around Lake Minneola with some HILLS in the residential parts of Clermont.  This is a JEM….I found out a little les than half way through the the bike, that I HAD A FLAT!!!!   

    #430’s front tire…GOOD!


    #430’s back tire…FLAT!!!

  •  What’s a girl to do?? I pedaled for my life, that’s what I did and finished that damn bike on one tire!  I am the queen of flat tires because it happened in my last race!! I checked EVERYTHING-the day before and when got there!  It’s a sign to get better at biking by learning HOW to bike well and HOW to change a flippin’ tire!! #bikeLOSER. Another JEM…I couldn’t ascend up the HUGE hill towards the end of the bike. As most had to do, I wanted to get off the bike and walk up the small part remaining hill.  Well….I had trouble getting my left foot out of the clip and I couldn’t pedal any more….and…..wait for it…..I fell off my bike! πŸ˜‚ #classicME. Time-55:46
  • T2: 2:50
  • Run: 5k out and back in the South Lake Trail.  My legs = BRICKS! Particularly peddling this ass on one functioning tire for about 5-6 miles! I really didn’t care what my pace was, I just wanted to finish! 
  • FINAL TIME: 1:48:15

I wouldn’t be…or better yet COULDN’T be mad at my time.  Considering my training for this race was shitty (not spotty or shotty) at best.  I am 10-12 minutes slower than my last race but I was prepared for that race.  This was a “life got in the way and I squeezed in what I could” race.   

A finisher!! ALWAYS representing my Gators!


Awesome Tech Shirt!!!


Awesome MEDAL!


AWESOME Tri ladies!

Off I go to work on the next race….

How was your Saturday?

Oh yeah… 

 I burned over 1000 calories during this race…and I don’t eat this….

  …..but I MURDERED this hashbrown from Mickey Ds whilst waiting for my coffee to cool!! 

RunGAB 2

If we were running today, I’d tell you…

…that despite my new found “awareness” of my life and schedule, I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING today! Which is kind of funny considering we ARE having a RunCHAT!πŸ˜‚. I came home after Julian’s workout today, with FULL intentions, but sat my butt down and decided on a rest day. Is that bad??? #pleasesayNO

…I’ve been at Pinterest again! Man…is that a time suck!! But it is all with good intentions, I promise!!! I have been pinning “at home exercises” like the one from yesterday until I can get back to the gym.

….I am secretly worried about my race this coming Saturday. I just want to do well and I am afraid I won’t!  But…I’ll be there…so I guess I am a success regardless.  Sprint Triathlon….here I come!!

….I stepped on the scale yesterday.  I needed to know where I was, so I know where I need to be.  Although I wasn’t in love with the number, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I still need to shed about 15lbs.  43 is hard on the body, y’all. πŸ˜‰ 

I always enjoy our chats!  Till next week!

A New Chapter

Much to my chagrin, I have come to terms that my schedule is NO longer MY schedule!  I have accepted it…embraced it…and decided to make the BEST of it!  I need to get the strength training back on the schedule, so until I get a solid answer on how this will happen exactly, I have some substitutes.  Cue up….my Pinterest board!  All those many addicting pins have made their way into my reality!!

Since I did nothing (in terms is exercise) over this past Labor Day weekend, today was the day.   

Courtesy: Pinterest

 This was a good one….and a little challenge too!  I substituted the 1k for 1 mile. WHEW!!!!

 I am not going to kill myself this week, as I have a triathlon on Saturday.  I am enjoying the idea of adding new workouts in until I can get my butt back in the gym.

I’ll keep you posted….

How was your Tuesday? What did you get done today??

Friday Thoughts

With all my rants and bitching lately about how I am “struggling” to fit it ALL in… I saw something on one of my favorite DIY blogs, Wobisobi that made me stop and think. 

Courtesty of Pinterest

 My #firstworldproblems struggle can be adjusted accordingly by changing my prospective.  Maybe I should start making MY list….

How ’bout you???


I changed the name because I think there is something I’ve read before that uses “RunCHAT”. I can’t remember if it’s a blog…or a special hashtag..but after I wrote the post, I felt like I’ve heard it before. So before someone shouts “Hey…that’s MINE!!!”, I changed it!! Since I gab all the time…about ANYTHING…why not RunGAB?? So, I’ll keep it…unless y’all tell me it sucks!! πŸ˜‚
If we were running today, I’d tell you….

…I FINALLY signed up for the triathlon! I’d also tell you I’m scared that I’m going to fail!! But…hey…I’ll be there!

….I am struggling to find a regular schedule that works for me for ANY type of training. You working folks out there understand, right? Now sprinkle in two active boys and now you see how I struggle even more!! Julian’s training days are Tuesday and Thursday. Aidan MAY be going back to Scouts this year. So…how do fit ME in?? Right now…I schedule on Sundays(for the week) but sometimes even that has to change!! It’s very frustrating! Ugh. I managed to squeeze in a little (VERY LITTLE) run in today…  

  1.33 is better than NO or ZERO.33, right? I continually remind myself of that. I still need to figure out the strength training…but I’m working on it!
….college football season is HERE!!! If you have been reading for a while, you will know that I am an alumni of The University of Florida! This time of year is the best! I don’t get to go to many games, but the TV at home will do! The first few games are usually not challenging, but we are in a rebuilding year…new players and new coach. Nonetheless….GO GATORS!!!   

….my kids found my Junior High yearbook. Man…was that a blast from the past!! And in some ways…not so good!!  

   It DOES say ’86 because THAT’S when I was in 8th grade!!!πŸ˜‚  

What do you think about this? 

 Swim team….πŸ˜‚
Or how ’bout THIS….

 Cheerleading…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Just to
show you a few,so you can get a good laugh too!!
Let’s RunGAB next week!  

How was your Wednesday?