Stadium Tour

Today, I did something different for a work out.  My friend, Tracy, talked me into running stadiums.  I have done those since I lived in Gainesville (FL) about 15 years ago! 

We did a mile run around the pool complex (~1 mile ) and then a little jog to the baseball field.  The plan was- 

  • jog up the stairs, 
  • run across to the next group of stairs, 
  • jog down the stairs
  • sprint up the stairs
  • 10 squats
  • REPEAT sequence and alternate the squats with split squats (10 on each side)

  Yep…up AND down these stadium steps! Man…I’m gonna be sore!!  🎶I don’t like it….I love it, love it, LOVE it….🎶 (Flo-Rida feat. Robin Thicke song, by the way.😉). Oh…and once we got to the end of the stadium…we did the SAME on the way back!  Except we replaced the squats for calf raises.  Oy!!! 
 All and all….what a great workout today.  I needed it…BADLY!!

I am finding the difference in my body and my endurance since CrossFit has essentially been removed (NOT BY CHOICE) from my weekly routine.  It makes me mad that I have to change my routine, but kiddos needs come before my own.  I am struggling now with figuring out how and when I am going to fit the training in. Help!!!!!  

But I will figure it out….! Even if means leaving my beloved box and just do “drop in” classes when I can. Or..go back to the “traditional” gym, where the hours are more conducive to my “after work-after Mommy duty” schedule.   

 Buh-BYE stadiums! Until next time when instead of YOU conquering ME…prepare for the SCRIPT to be FLIPPED! #ohYESiDID

What did you do on this Monday?

I can tell you that I finally registered for my triathlon on September 12th 

 ‘Bout damn time!!! 😉

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