Thanks to you guys who have follwed me on Periscope!  I did my third broadcast this morning (after kiddo drop off).  I am trying to figure out when to do these casts, WITHOUT distraction and WITHOUT my hubby thinking  I’m crazy talking into my phone,like I am!!😂. So for now…in the car.

I hope you will let me know when you do your broadcast, because I am excited to put a voice,with the faces and the stories I read on your blogs. 

Have a great Tuesday!!!

2 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. RunMomMe says:

    Periscope is so great and so strange at the same time. I know people think I’m nuts and really I think I’m nuts for broadcasting. I still need to get my thoughts together before I turn it on…I ramble a lot and I’m sure most people get bored…I’ve only had a few people actually watch live. I guess it all comes with experience…Hopefully I can catch your next broadcast. Night, Patty


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