Friday Thoughts

With all my rants and bitching lately about how I am “struggling” to fit it ALL in… I saw something on one of my favorite DIY blogs, Wobisobi that made me stop and think. 

Courtesty of Pinterest

 My #firstworldproblems struggle can be adjusted accordingly by changing my prospective.  Maybe I should start making MY list….

How ’bout you???

2 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. Mom says:

    It’s not the challenge itself, but how we CHOOSE to react to the challenge that makes
    or breaks us!

    I’m all for any reasonable organizing technique.
    Lists are shades of Honoré Smith! 😀


  2. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Ooh! That’s a good one! You gotta do you- that’s my new thing. Having to be at Fit2Run three days out of the week by 6:30 is tough, but I am the most important part of my life and if it makes me happy, I will make it happen.

    I don’t have kids though, and I still struggle, so kudos to you mom for just being a rockstar!

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