You SPIN me ’round

To quote the Dead or Alive song (you know you sang it’s!!!!), I did something this weekend that I haven’t done in a LOOOOOONG time.  SPIN CLASS!  The last time I took a spin class (or spun 😂), I was preggo with Aidan. He’s 8, by the way…. Since going back to the gym, I decided to take full advantage of the classes I like.  I’m not a “woo hoo” kinda gal that takes Zumba and classes like that. (Although I did take Reebok Step Aerobics back in the day😝).  I felt weird in group classes…like I’m not supposed to be    there.  When I discovered spinning about 15 years ago, my “fear” of group classes went away.  I had so much fun!!

I was excited to see LA Fitness had Spin on the schedule, so let’s do it!! My last gym you had to get there INSANELY early to get a “number” and get a spot to get a good bike.  It was torture…but an expected torture if you wanted to spin.  I expected the same at this gym, but not the case.  Therefore I was there 35 minutes ahead of the class!  What do I do now? Treadmill!!  I squeaked in a quick 2 miles before the class. 

9:10: Time for class!  

 This room was HUGE!!  

 There must have been 50 bikes!!  The class was small…only about 10 folks where there.  The instructor was great…she had great music…and I remembered why I enjoyed spinning again!! 

 A quick selfie during a sprint….!

Julian finished his basketball workout (our gym has a full court) and he joined me for a little bit. 

 He turned too quickly!! 

I burned 500 calories!! Can you believe it??  It was great…and my butt is sore! 😂😂

I’ll be back….

Is there any exercise/activity that you haven’t done in a while that you miss and want to do again??

6 thoughts on “You SPIN me ’round

  1. allisonfiorini says:

    I saw the pole in the background of your first picture and thought, “Ahhh! She took a pole class!” Haha. But I see poles everywhere – street signs, playgrounds and that’s the first thing I think of. #polefit problems. So glad you are loving LA Fitness! Spin classes are a badass, sweaty workout!!! You rock.


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