Today was a GOOD day…

Why do you say? I was MONDAY! And no one is excited for a MONDAY!  Work was…well…work, so nothing new there.  I was able to run after work, which always makes momma HAPPY!  I’m not breaking any records here, usually a smidgen under 2 miles (because my ass is SLOW now!) but I’m pleased to do it! 

 I’m now focused on returning to my “glory” days of running!  I’m trying to get my breathing pattern back with improving my strides.   So much of running (and running properly) is breathing properly and I used to have it on lock!!   I am focusing on getting my groove back!  I’ve also noticed (and not recently) since CF and I have consciously uncoupled (temporarily,I hope) my running isn’t what it used to be!  Some runs, I feel like I’m starting from scratch with this running thing.  But I have nothing to prove to anyone, except for ME!!  

 I have goals, I’m just getting there slowly because I am a busy mom! 

Why else was today good? Again…since the uncoupling…I finally go to the gym and touch the weights again! The personal trainer that works with my basketball loving son, Julian, kindly wrote/designed a program for me! Today was Day 1.  I was so excited to start lifting again!! Man…I missed it!!  What did I do on Day 1, you ask? Glad you asked…

Squats– 5 sets x 8 

Bench press – 4 sets x 8

Deadlift – 4 sets x 5

Overhead press – 3 sets x 8

Bend over DB Row – 4 sets x 8 each arm

Triceps extension – 3 sets x 8

*rest 2-3 minutes between each set

That’s a lot!!! And as I type…I can feel the muscle soreness! I won’t be able to MOVE tomorrow…and I LOVE it!! My weight started low and I worked my way up to a challenging weight for me now.  No lie…it felt great to be on THAT side of the gym! All those people lifting is inspiring! 

I’m excited to see how my body will change ( again…for like the  UMPTEENTH time!!).  I need to find a routine that I can stick with on or off season!  Keep you posted!

How was your Monday???

Oh…I may just have a liiiiiiiitle bit of a KIND bar problem.  I was in Publix picking up ONE item and I walked out with… 

   ALL OF THEM!! #embarrassed #rehabplease

 And your funny for today… 

 #droppedtheMIKE   #puttheKINDbarsdown

You know it’s funny, because you hate your scale and you kinda do this! I do!! 😂

I found my way back…..

Man..where did the time go?? I have been INCREDIBLY busy since our office transferred over to electronic medical records 2 weeks ago! I thought about it yesterday and realized I haven’t posted in 2 WEEKS!! I’ve missed you guys!! ❤️

I was out of town last weekend because Julian had a basketball camp in Jacksonville (FL). #ithasBEGUN. I’ve been to JAX once before for a conference but don’t remember much.  While Julian practiced, my dad, Aidan and myself explored! Hubs couldn’t make it because he had his annual meeting for work. 

I asked Siri when we dropped Julian off at Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex….”where’s the closest place for breakfast?”  Well did she EVER hit the mark when she told us about Metro Diner!! I KNEW when we pulled up and there was about 10 spots for parking (all full) and there were folks waiting outside to eat…THIS was the place for us!  It’s “where the locals eat” and they ain’t lying!! This place, I found later, has been visited and featured on The Food Network by Alton Brown and Guy Fieri. How cool is that??

He’s READY!!!

Just to give you an idea, look what was on special.. 

 Aidan and I opted for our “go to” breakfast..him-pancakes, bacon, sausage, and a biscuit (yikes!!); me-Belgian waffle with bacon! I am never disappointed!! It was so light and crunchy!!  Dad went for Cinnamon Raisin French Toast….


He LOVED it!!


Just a liiiiitle bit left…..

  EVERYTHING was good…the food, the people…the atmosphere.  If you are eve in JAX, make it a point to go!!!

After all that food…we needed to walk it off and we had plenty of time to kill.  We ended up at Jacksonville Landing on the St John’s River.  Many outside restaurants and shops keep you busy.   

 Many of the shops weren’t open, but it was nice to see all that was there.  

Dad and I by the St. John’s River. LOVE him!!❤️


Like the movie…he wanted his fortune told by Zoltar!


This kid loves Hooters…for the wings , of course!!😉

The afternoon was coming to an end and we went to get a tired Julian from camp.  Our Gators were playing versus LSU, so we need to go!! We opted for  Tilted Kilt which was suggested by a friend.  It’s basically Irish Hooters…and my boys loved the girls…I mean the food! 😂.  
 Despite out boys losing (only by 1 TD!), it was time to go! 

Julian had one more day of camp on Sunday.  We dropped him off and headed STRAIGHT back to Metro Diner! Dad an a monstrous omelet with a tomato bisque and hash browns… 

We did some more sightseeing around Downtown JAX.  There was some freaky zombie fest going on in the park that also had many homeless people. (missed THAT photo op!).  Did you know.. 

 Jacksonville was named after our First Territory Governor, Andrew Jackson?? I sure did NOT know that!! 

I was a great weekend had by all!  Since I’ve been back I’ve only run ONCE, but I am starting mine strength program this weekend and back to routine running!

I’ve still been catching up on all of your blogs and I’ve missed you all! Thanks for continuing to keep me moving and motivated!❤️

Here’s a funny for ya… 

Photo Cred: Whisper.

Mike has been…#dropped! Ahhhh…its GREAT to be back!!!


RunGAB #5

Hope your Wednesday has been great! Hump Day is my favorite day of the week…it’s ALL down hill from here!  Let’s go….

If we were running together, I’d tell you….

…that I signed up for some nutrition counseling. One of my favorite blogs, Swim Bike Mom (by Meredith Atwood, Triathlon coach and athlete, and Mom) has teamed up with a nutritionist, triathlon coach, and all around guru, Meredith Vieceli.  Their program,  Swim Bike Fuel  
is designed for all kinds of athletes!  I figured if I had a little help in his department, I can shed this 10-15 lbs that’s decided to camp out on my body!  It starters November 1st and ends on Turkey Day. I’m excited to see how my body will respond to a better diet…

….I actually signed up for some races AHEAD of time! WHOA…that sure is new!! Sommer Sports was having a “sale” yesterday.  Well…open registration really but with GREAT deals!  I found out it a little late, so I did get get the awesome deal of $100 for the entire triathlon series (total of 4).  That’s $25 per race!  So, I managed to get into the 3rd tier group, which was $175 for the series.  That’s the 4 race series for about $45!! That’s still a great deal!! 

….I’ve got a strength training program coming my way! Super excited!! I know what I need to do to help my body…better nutrition ✔️, cardio✔️, and the return of weights✔️.  Again, I know what I have to do, but I’d rather follow aomething.  I do better with routine and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of it….

A lot of change is coming my way so and I’m ready for the challenge!  Wish me luck!!!

How was your Wednesday? 


I found myself dreading the alarm this morning.  Having an internal conversation with self…”Are you crazy?”; “I thought you said you were tired??”; “C’mon…can you just skip it JUST this once??”; “WHY are you doing this AGAIN???”.  I’m sure all of us have had this questions that self has raised! But then my feet hit the floor, self SHUTS her pie hole, and off I go!

This morning I drove to Plant City, FL. Those of us in the area know this were we get our STRAWBERRIES and we celebrate them with a festival every year in March.  It’s such a cute town that has managed to maintain some of the old charm while trying to continue to grow.  These towns are hard to find these days and I just LOVE them.  

I participated in the Good Cookie 5k  IMG_7276which supports Cookies for Kids.  This organization helps fight pediatric cancer. This was a #winwin for me.  

The race started at Union Station Depot where the Robert Willaford train museum is located as well as  the viewing platform….

 ..and continued through Historic Plant City (both downtown and residential areas).  Had I remembered, I would have snapped more pics, but self was focused now!!😉

I just love cobblestone streets…   

The weather was perfect at 72 degrees with a little breeze and this is why I love running this time of year. Summer….you suck because Fall is my new friend!

Managed to shave only about 20 seconds off, but I’ll take it.  I’m still not at the pace I’d like to be…but I have to put more work in.  😉

 I could no doubt EAT about that many cookies…  
I had a great time with this race! It was small but it had a GREAT community to support it and an even GREATER cause that benefits from it.   

 Thank you, Plant City for hosting this race!  

How did you start your weekend?

Here’s the Periscope link if you’d like to see it. Mind the comments some make…weird, and sometimes inappropriate….that’s something I still don’t get. Oh well…


RunGAB #4

Here it is….WEDNESDAY! And the end of the month! September?? Where did you go??  Off running…that’s where! So, as we ran the month away, we would talk about…

….that I found some new snacks! The QUEEN of snacks strikes again.😉.   I’ve known about Kind bars for a while but never had one.  Man….I missed that cue!  I’m glad I tried them because they are my new favorite!    This one is made with…wait for it…..COFFEE! #yes

…that I signed up for a 5k this weekend.   

 I got off my ASS and decided I didn’t need to wait for anyone to participate.  I’m becoming more and more comfortable with going by myself.  I’m loving it…

…I need to submit a time for a race BEFORE the Disney race.  The fine print on the registration states that a 10k time needs to be submitted by January 2016.  Guess I’m gonna have to do one!😉. I’ve have one on my radar for October and the one I did last year in December.  We shall see…

…I’m going CRAZY at work!! Our office is transferring to electronic medical record (EMR) and it is driving me nuts!!  Today’s run (our gab and the DREADmill) was all thanks to “EMR Frustration“.  

 I turned the negative into a positive! #runLAFITNESS

Thanks for listening and for the chat! 

How was your Wednesday?