RunGAB #4

Here it is….WEDNESDAY! And the end of the month! September?? Where did you go??  Off running…that’s where! So, as we ran the month away, we would talk about…

….that I found some new snacks! The QUEEN of snacks strikes again.😉.   I’ve known about Kind bars for a while but never had one.  Man….I missed that cue!  I’m glad I tried them because they are my new favorite!    This one is made with…wait for it…..COFFEE! #yes

…that I signed up for a 5k this weekend.   

 I got off my ASS and decided I didn’t need to wait for anyone to participate.  I’m becoming more and more comfortable with going by myself.  I’m loving it…

…I need to submit a time for a race BEFORE the Disney race.  The fine print on the registration states that a 10k time needs to be submitted by January 2016.  Guess I’m gonna have to do one!😉. I’ve have one on my radar for October and the one I did last year in December.  We shall see…

…I’m going CRAZY at work!! Our office is transferring to electronic medical record (EMR) and it is driving me nuts!!  Today’s run (our gab and the DREADmill) was all thanks to “EMR Frustration“.  

 I turned the negative into a positive! #runLAFITNESS

Thanks for listening and for the chat! 

How was your Wednesday?

4 thoughts on “RunGAB #4

  1. cupcakesandmiles says:

    Oh girl! Someone’s been at Costco… 😉

    Those KIND bars are my current faves as well. I’m not a fan of the traditional KIND bars as they are just too heavy for me, but these “popped” varieties are where it’s at.

    I didn’t realize Cookies was this weekend! I’d be doing it too if I had known. It was the first 5k I was able to get the Boy out to.


    • Mom, Miles, and Mishaps says:

      awww, man!! That would have been perfect for us to meet up!! Disney, it is!! 🙂

      Oh, I LOVE thee!!! I wasn’t a big fan of the other KIND bars, but a co-worker gave me the coffee flavored one during our EMR training. Oh..was I happy!!!!

      I have the app on my phone and weekly (or so) I check it out to see what events I can do! That’s how I found the 5k for this weekend.

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