I found myself dreading the alarm this morning.  Having an internal conversation with self…”Are you crazy?”; “I thought you said you were tired??”; “C’mon…can you just skip it JUST this once??”; “WHY are you doing this AGAIN???”.  I’m sure all of us have had this questions that self has raised! But then my feet hit the floor, self SHUTS her pie hole, and off I go!

This morning I drove to Plant City, FL. Those of us in the area know this were we get our STRAWBERRIES and we celebrate them with a festival every year in March.  It’s such a cute town that has managed to maintain some of the old charm while trying to continue to grow.  These towns are hard to find these days and I just LOVE them.  

I participated in the Good Cookie 5k  IMG_7276which supports Cookies for Kids.  This organization helps fight pediatric cancer. This was a #winwin for me.  

The race started at Union Station Depot where the Robert Willaford train museum is located as well as  the viewing platform….

 ..and continued through Historic Plant City (both downtown and residential areas).  Had I remembered, I would have snapped more pics, but self was focused now!!😉

I just love cobblestone streets…   

The weather was perfect at 72 degrees with a little breeze and this is why I love running this time of year. Summer….you suck because Fall is my new friend!

Managed to shave only about 20 seconds off, but I’ll take it.  I’m still not at the pace I’d like to be…but I have to put more work in.  😉

 I could no doubt EAT about that many cookies…  
I had a great time with this race! It was small but it had a GREAT community to support it and an even GREATER cause that benefits from it.   

 Thank you, Plant City for hosting this race!  

How did you start your weekend?

Here’s the Periscope link if you’d like to see it. Mind the comments some make…weird, and sometimes inappropriate….that’s something I still don’t get. Oh well…



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