I found my way back…..

Man..where did the time go?? I have been INCREDIBLY busy since our office transferred over to electronic medical records 2 weeks ago! I thought about it yesterday and realized I haven’t posted in 2 WEEKS!! I’ve missed you guys!! ❤️

I was out of town last weekend because Julian had a basketball camp in Jacksonville (FL). #ithasBEGUN. I’ve been to JAX once before for a conference but don’t remember much.  While Julian practiced, my dad, Aidan and myself explored! Hubs couldn’t make it because he had his annual meeting for work. 

I asked Siri when we dropped Julian off at Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex….”where’s the closest place for breakfast?”  Well did she EVER hit the mark when she told us about Metro Diner!! I KNEW when we pulled up and there was about 10 spots for parking (all full) and there were folks waiting outside to eat…THIS was the place for us!  It’s “where the locals eat” and they ain’t lying!! This place, I found later, has been visited and featured on The Food Network by Alton Brown and Guy Fieri. How cool is that??

He’s READY!!!

Just to give you an idea, look what was on special.. 

 Aidan and I opted for our “go to” breakfast..him-pancakes, bacon, sausage, and a biscuit (yikes!!); me-Belgian waffle with bacon! I am never disappointed!! It was so light and crunchy!!  Dad went for Cinnamon Raisin French Toast….


He LOVED it!!


Just a liiiiitle bit left…..

  EVERYTHING was good…the food, the people…the atmosphere.  If you are eve in JAX, make it a point to go!!!

After all that food…we needed to walk it off and we had plenty of time to kill.  We ended up at Jacksonville Landing on the St John’s River.  Many outside restaurants and shops keep you busy.   

 Many of the shops weren’t open, but it was nice to see all that was there.  

Dad and I by the St. John’s River. LOVE him!!❤️


Like the movie…he wanted his fortune told by Zoltar!


This kid loves Hooters…for the wings , of course!!😉

The afternoon was coming to an end and we went to get a tired Julian from camp.  Our Gators were playing versus LSU, so we need to go!! We opted for  Tilted Kilt which was suggested by a friend.  It’s basically Irish Hooters…and my boys loved the girls…I mean the food! 😂.  
 Despite out boys losing (only by 1 TD!), it was time to go! 

Julian had one more day of camp on Sunday.  We dropped him off and headed STRAIGHT back to Metro Diner! Dad an a monstrous omelet with a tomato bisque and hash browns… 

We did some more sightseeing around Downtown JAX.  There was some freaky zombie fest going on in the park that also had many homeless people. (missed THAT photo op!).  Did you know.. 

 Jacksonville was named after our First Territory Governor, Andrew Jackson?? I sure did NOT know that!! 

I was a great weekend had by all!  Since I’ve been back I’ve only run ONCE, but I am starting mine strength program this weekend and back to routine running!

I’ve still been catching up on all of your blogs and I’ve missed you all! Thanks for continuing to keep me moving and motivated!❤️

Here’s a funny for ya… 

Photo Cred: Whisper.

Mike has been…#dropped! Ahhhh…its GREAT to be back!!!


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