Have you just ever….

…had some runs that really make you feel like you ARE a runner???  I have ALWAYS been the type of “runner” that needs a race to help me understand and re-evaluate where I am.  I did the Turkey Trot with my sister in VA….

 ….remember??? #babySEEEEEster

Any way…I felt GOOD! And I haven’t felt that it a while! So, coming home I felt INSPIRED again.  I felt like I LOVED running again; I felt CHALLENGED again. Let me be clear, I didn’t fall out of love with running, I was just down because I haven’t seen the “numbers” (you know PACE numbers) I like or I am used to.  It’s disappointing when you think of your old self and how you aren’t living up to your OWN standards.  But as The Spinners say…🎶”I’ll be working my way back to you, BABE….”🎶😏.   

The first evidence of my come back started with my run on Monday.. 

 It felt GOOD. I was CONSISTENT.  My pace was under 10 (which it hasn’t been in months!). I was smiling…I was running and NOT thinking! I was ENJOYING IT again!

Thinking it was a fluke, when I ran on Wednesday, I didn’t know what to expect.  Leslie and I chose a different route, which always helps me.  Man….what a good idea because that was an even BETTER run! 


Tomorrow’s run? Let’s hope it’s just as awesome!  I will be back on track with my weight training this weekend. (I got off track because of the holiday and being out of town😁).  I’m PSYCHED!

What have you done recently that made you feel good? 

Oh….I received my race bling from the virtual race I did today! 

 Cool, huh?? #bebrave #bethankful

4 thoughts on “Have you just ever….

  1. KME says:

    There is nothing better than a perfect run! I always go back to my log to see exactly what I did leading up to that run to recapture it lol
    Enjoy your great runs!


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